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Blog Hosts for Beginners

What is a blog host? Learn about the five types of blog hosts that you can choose from to self-host your blog and get complete creative and publishing freedom.

Blogging Spotlight10

How to Hold a Twitter Chat to Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

10 steps to hold a Twitter Chat that will increase traffic to your blog.

DNS Settings Basics

Learn what DNS and all of the terms related to your domain name system mean in layman's terms.

10 Awesome Gifts for Graduates Who Blog

Find gifts for graduates that will help them save time and become successful bloggers.

Writing Jobs for Bloggers Weekly List

Find links to writing jobs for bloggers that pay - updated each week with current blogging jobs.

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog

Learn 10 easy ways to increase traffic to your company's business blog because more readers equals more potential customers.

44 Writing Jobs for Bloggers for the Week of 4/27/14

Find links to 44 writing jobs that pay for the week of April 27, 2014.

New Twitter Profile Layout is Here

Learn what the new Twitter profile layout includes.

How to Create a Blog Community

Learn 5 easy tricks to build a blog community and grow your blog to reach your goals.

48 Writing Jobs for Bloggers for the Week of 4/20/14

Find links to 48 writing jobs for bloggers that pay for the week of April 20, 2014.

Paste from Word to WordPress without Cleaning Code - Finally!

Learn about the great new features in WordPress 3.9 Smith like clean pasting from Word to WordPress.

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