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5 Wordpress Plugins to Boost Page Views

Keep Visitors on Your Blog Longer with These Wordpress Plugins


Each of the Wordpress plugins listed below will encourage visitors to stay on your blog a bit longer and view content a bit deeper delivering more page views on your blog overall. And of course, more page views often equates to higher click-thrus on existing ads on your blog, greater interest from new advertisers and the ability to charge higher rates to advertisers. In other words, more page views could equal more money for you!

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Wordpress USB Stick {open}
Debs (ò‿ó)♪/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

Read the review. This Wordpress Plugin automatically generates a list of similar posts for each new post that you publish on your blog. The list appears at the bottom of each new post. It makes sense that a person who enjoys a post on your blog is likely to be interested in similar posts, so this Wordpress plugin is a great way to increase page views on your blog.

Popular Posts

This Wordpress plugin works in conjunction with the WP-Stats plugin and allows you to display a list of the most viewed posts on your blog. The assumption is that visitors will see the list, wonder what made those posts so interesting to so many people, and click on the links to read the posts thus boosting your blog's page views.

Most Commented

The Most Commented Wordpress plugin allows you to display a list of the posts on your blog that have received the most comments. The assumption is that people will be interested in reading the posts that generate a lot of conversation thus increasing your blog's page views.

Post Teaser

The Post Teaser Wordpress plugin automatically truncates your blog posts so only a teaser snippet appears on your blog's home page. Visitors have to click a link to view the full post thus giving your blog an extra page view each time someone clicks through to read the entire post.

What Would Seth Godin Do?

This Wordpress plugin was created to boost blog subscribers. It uses browser cookies to distinguish between new and repeat visitors to your blog. New visitors are presented with a message that appears above your most recent blog post inviting them to subscribe to your blog. The thought is that subscribers become loyal readers who are likely to click through to read your content from their feed readers, tell other people about your blog, link to your blog from their own, and so on.
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