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Review of the E-junkie Affiliate Advertising Network

Make Money on Your Blog with E-junkie Affiliate Advertising

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E-junkie is an affiliate advertising network that links people and companies who have products and services to sell online with online publishers (like Bloggers) who have ad space to fill. It's an easier program for advertisers of all sizes to join than some other affiliate advertising networks and it's very popular in the blogging community as a blog monetization opportunity.

The Positives of E-junkie

It is free to join E-junkie and to participate in any affiliate advertising opportunity offered through the network. There are many opportunities to advertise products and services from smaller companies, so it's not as difficult to get accepted into individual advertiser programs as it is with some larger affiliate advertising networks such as Commission Junction.

There are many types of companies and products represented through the E-junkie affiliate advertising network, so it's very likely that you'll find products and services that match your blog and your audience. Payments are made in lump sums via PayPal and you can manage all of your programs through your single E-junkie account.

The Negatives of E-junkie

Perhaps the biggest complaint for E-junkie is the fact that the site is not built as cleanly as users would like. It's difficult to search through the affiliate advertisers database to find specific programs.

Also, it's imperative that you carefully read all of the information related to any affiliate program you consider joining because each has its own requirements, payout policies, and so on. Be sure you understand what you're signing up for before you apply to join an affiliate opportunity.

Bottom-line of E-junkie

E-junkie is a great option for bloggers looking for affiliate advertising opportunities that match their blogs and audiences but don't require large amounts of monthly traffic to participate. The site offers a useful help section, too. Be sure to read all of the terms and policies on the E-junkie website, and when you're ready, you can follow the instructions on the E-junkie help page to register.

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