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Design information, themes, templates, and a directory of blog designers.
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Blog Designer Submission Form
Complete this form to have your blog design business included in the Blog Designer Directory.

Blogger.com Blog Design Bragging Board
Submit your Blogger.com blog design story here!

Wordpress Blog Design Bragging Board
Submit your Wordpress blog design story here!

TypePad Blog Design Bragging Board
Are you proud of your TypePad blog design? Share it here!

10 Essential Blog Design Elements
Learn about the most important blog design elements your blog must have in order to have a chance at success!

Blog Design Checklist
Use this checklist to make sure you've covered all the necessary things to create the best blog design possible.

Top 5 Blog Design Mistakes
Avoid these blog design mistakes or risk ruining your blog's chance at success.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Design Shine
Learn 10 quick tricks to make your blog design stand out from the crowd.

Why Is My Blog Layout Messed Up?
Sometimes a simple mistake or oversight can make your blog layout look strange. Learn what the problem might be and how to fix it.

How Color Psychology Affects Blog Design
Learn how the meanings of colors affect the way people feel and think about your blog or website.

International Color Meanings and Blog Design
For international blogs, make sure the colors used in the blog design communicate the right messages to readers around the world.

How Much Does Blog Design Cost?
Find out how much will it cost to design your blog and what you can for your money.

5 Ways to Find Blog Designers
Learn how to find trustworthy blog designers that do top quality work to give your blog a face lift.

Sites for Free Social Media Icons
Promote your blog across the social Web with these free social media icons available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

11 Factors to Consider to Choose a Wordpress Theme or Blogger Template
Before you choose your blog theme or template, check out these 11 factors that you should consider to be sure you make the right decision.

How to Choose a Blog Template Layout
Learn which blog template layout is right for your blog.

The Free, Premium and Custom WordPress Theme Difference
Clear up the confusion between the three types of WordPress themes.

12 Essential WordPress Theme Files in Layman's Terms
Get layman's definitions of the most important WordPress theme files.

5 Sites for Free Blogger Templates
Five sites to find hundreds of free Blogger templates.

5 Sites for Free Wordpress Themes
Check out these five sites to find hundreds of free Wordpress themes.

Sites to Find Premium Wordpress Themes
Learn where to find great premium Wordpress themes to give your blog a custom look.

Wordpress Themes for Business Blogs and Websites
Recommended Wordpress themes for business blogs and websites.

Find Free Blog Templates with eBlogTemplates.com
Learn how eBlogTemplates.com can help you discover the best Wordpress and Blogger templates to give your blog a boost!

Free Wordpress Templates from Logoworks by HP
Learn how LogoWorks by HP can help you give your blog design a boost with free Wordpress themes and custom theme design options.

Wordpress Themes Optimized for Google AdSense
Learn how to find Wordpress themes that are optimized for Google AdSense.

Review of the Flexx Theme for Wordpress from iThemes
Learn if the Flexx theme is the right theme for your Wordpress blog design.

Review of the eNews Wordpress Theme by ElegantThemes
Learn if the eNews Wordpress theme from ElegantThemes is the right choice for your blog.

Review of the MyProduct WordPress Theme by ElegantThemes
Check out what the MyProduct WordPress theme has to offer.

Sites to Find Moveable Type and TypePad Templates
Learn where you can find premium Moveable Type and advanced TypePad templates to give your blog a custom look.

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