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Review of the eNews Wordpress Theme by ElegantThemes

What Does the eNews Wordpress Theme Offer to Bloggers?

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eNews Wordpress Theme Home Page Preview

eNews Wordpress Theme Home Page Preview

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The eNews Wordpress theme from ElegantThemes is an excellent premium Wordpess theme. I love this theme for so many reasons, including ease-of-use, advanced functionality, a great support forum, and an amazing price. Read on for my complete review of the eNews Wordpress theme from ElegantThemes. If you'd like, select the "Write a Review" button at the end of the article to add your own review of the eNews theme.


ElegantThemes offers unlimited access to all of its premium themes (currently, there are over 30 available) for a set annual fee, which includes unlimited access to the excellent support forum as well. At the time of this review's writing, the annual fee is just $19.95, which is very reasonable considering most premium Wordpress themes from reputable designers typically cost a one time fee of between $60-$100.


eNews Wordpress Theme Options epanel

eNews Wordpress Theme Options epanel

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The eNews Wordpress theme is well-coded and includes all of the features you'd expect from a premium Wordpress theme, including a static home page and optional blog component, which is perfect for creating business Web sites. It is also widget-ready, ad-ready, and has been tested with all current and popular Web browsers. There are five color schemes to choose from, but if you know CSS, you can easily make any additional customization changes that you want.

Ease of Use

The eNews Wordpress theme is easy to use thanks to the eNews Theme Options epanel that you can access through your Wordpress dashboard after the theme has been installed. From the epanel (shown in the nearby image), you can easily configure your blog's layout, colors, ads, navigation, and more with a simple point and click process that requires no HTML or CSS coding.


The eNews Wordpress theme looks great, is easy to use, has a great price tag, and comes with excellent support. It's definitely a premium Wordpress theme that you can feel confident using.
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