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Sites to Find Premium Wordpress Themes

Give Your Blog a Custom Look with a Premium Wordpress Theme


Premium Wordpress themes are available for purchase and download to any blog built on Wordpress.org. Premium themes are a great choice for people who want to give their blogs a custom look (more so than the free themes that come pre-installed with Wordpress or offered on sites that list free Wordpress themes) without spending a lot on custom design. Take a look at the sites below which are all well-known and well-respected in the Wordpress community for creating great premium Wordpress themes.


iThemes has a reputation for creating easy-to-use premium Wordpress themes that include easy to understand video tutorials. One of the most popular iThemes premium Wordpress themes is the Flexx Theme which was created for even the technically-challenged blogger to be able to easily customize and implement. Read a review of the iThemes FlexxTheme.


StudioPress offers the Revolution Wordpress theme, which has been around for a long time. It's well-known as being very well coded and has evolved to include a large selection of versions to meet a variety of bloggers' needs. Read a review of the Revolution theme and view a visual overview of the Revolution theme.

DIY Themes

DIY Themes (Do-It-Yourself Themes) offers the very popular Thesis theme known for its ease of customization.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes offers a variety of premium Wordpress themes at a great price. Customers rave about the support, too!


WooThemes is backed by a number of well-respected Wordpress designers and offers a number of premium Wordpress themes for bloggers to choose from to give their blogs a more custom look.
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