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Why Is My Blog Layout Messed Up?


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Question: Why Is My Blog Layout Messed Up?

Does your blog look completely messed up? It was fine yesterday, but today the sidebar is missing or shows up at bottom of your blog beneath all of your posts. Or perhaps all of your blog posts on your blog home page and archives are in bold or italics? Don't worry. Chances are the problem is not major and can be fixed easily.


Common Reasons Your Blog Layout Might Be Messed Up and How to Fix Them

1. Check the Images in Your Blog Posts

If there is an image in one of your blog posts that is wider than the post column, then your sidebar won't fit into the programmed overall width of your blog, which is part of the CSS code in your blog's theme or template. If that happens, you could see one of two results. First, your sidebar might get pushed down beneath your posts. Second, the image might get cut off or cut off part of your sidebar.

The second scenario above is usually very easy to see, so you'll notice it right away. It's the first scenario that can go unnoticed and might put you into a panic when you see it. To fix it, you simply have to find the post with the image that's too wide. Open your blog post editor and revise the image width. Republish the post (you might have to clear your browser history or cache to see your revisions live on your blog), and the problem should be solved (assuming only one image was too wide).

Keep in mind, if an image in your sidebar is too wide, similar problems can occur. Most frequently, the image will just get cut off, but if you see strange things with your blog layout, check those images first.

It's a good idea to open your blog's CSS theme files (if you can) and find the column widths in pixels for your blog. If you can't access the CSS code or aren't comfortable opening and browsing your blog's CSS code, use an online pixel ruler and manually measure the columns on your blog as they appear on your screen. You can find a variety of free pixel rulers through a simple Google search.

2. Check the Text Formatting and HTML Code in Your Blog Posts

If your blog posts are typically published in one font but suddenly appear on your home page or within your archives in a different font (but they look fine when you open individual posts to view them one by one), then there is an HTML coding problem in one of your posts that's causing all posts after it to take on the same text formatting.

Find the first post where the strange font appears. The HTML coding problem is in that post, although it's possible the problem might be in the post listed just before it (meaning above it) in your list of posts on your home page or within your archives. There is likely to be an HTML tag in that post that was not closed properly. Therefore, all subsequent posts take on the same formatting.

Search for the beginning of the formatting HTML code in the problem post. Locate where you want the formatting to end within that post, and close the HTML tag. Republish your post, and the rest of your posts should now look fine. Of course, you might have to refresh your browser or clear your history and cache in order to see the newly revised version.

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