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10 Affordable Blogging Tools that Make Your Life as a Blogger Easier

Use These Tools to Save Time and Make Your Blog Better


There are many online blogging tools that you can use to make your life as a blogger easier, but there are also a number of affordable tools that can make your blog better than ever and streamline activities.  Some of those must-try tools are listed below.

1. Webcam

If you have a Mac, then the camera built into your Mac is adequate for video calls and recording video interviews or vlog posts.  However, if you don't have a webcam, then you should get one.  You can use a webcam to create video posts for your blog or create a serialized vlog.  You can even upload your videos to your own YouTube channel and add them to your Facebook profile and page!

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2. Microphone

If you want to record interviews, podcasts, or audio for vlogs or online video content, then you need a microphone that you can attach to your computer.  If you use a Mac, then the microphone built into your Mac is probably good enough.  If not, you need to buy a desktop microphone.

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3. Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe PhotoShop is the most advanced image-editing software available.  If you're not satisfied with a one of the free image-editing tools available to you, then you might want to invest in the most recent version of Adobe PhotoShop.

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4. Audio and Video Editing Software

If you create audio and video content for your blog, and you don't have access to the free audio and video editing tools available on a Mac, then you can download free tools online or purchase a more robust software to get the job done.

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5. Screen Capture Software

There are times when a plain screenshot won't do the job.  When you need to capture scrolling screenshots, edit screenshots, and so on, you need a software that can help you do it.  SnagIt is my favorite choice.

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6. iPad

As your blog grows and you get busier, you need to be able to manage your blog from anywhere and at anytime.  An iPad is the perfect choice to let you do it!

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7. All-in-One Laser Printer

Give the gift of speed and convenience with a combination laser printer, scanner, and copier.

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8. Digital Camera

Don't worry about finding free images that you can use on your blog.  Instead, take your own images with your own digital camera and add more of your personality and customization to your blog.

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9. Reference Book

It takes a long time to learn about blogging, so it's important to have a reference book by your side when you need help.  Blogging All-in-One for Dummies includes over 700 pages all about blogging!

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10. Web Design Software

If you want to design your own blog and take it to the next level, then you need a software like Dreamweaver that offers all the features that professional web designers use.

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