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5 Tools to Measure Online Influence

How to Measure Your Online Influence (Or Someone Else's)


How influential are you online? Do people listen to what you say? Do they share your content? Developing a successful blog requires building your online influence to extend the reach of your content and amplify your brand. You also need to track and measure your online influence to ensure it's growing steadily.

Similarly, it's important to understand who the online influencers are within your niche so you can get in front of the right people to build key relationships and expand your audience.

In this article, you're introduced to five tools that can help you measure your online influence or someone else's online influence quickly and easily. Of course, it's important to remember that there is no perfect online influence calculation tool, and quality of influence always trumps quantity. In other words, if you have a high online influence, but you're not influencing the right people to reach your goals, then that high influence score could be useless to you.

With that in mind, always view online influence metrics with existing tracking limitations in mind, and use the tools listed below to keep an eye on your online influence to ensure it's trending up over time.

1. Klout

Klout is the most well-known influence tracking tool. Klout tracks your online activities via your social profiles such as Twitter and Facebook and turns your engagement and reach with your audience into a Klout score. Just create a free account, identify your social profiles, and Klout does the rest. Keep in mind, your Klout score is calculated as an accumulation of your influence across all of your social networks, so it's highly dependent on not just your social activities but also how many active social accounts you link to your Klout account.

2. PeerIndex

PeerIndex is very similar to Klout. Create your account, link your social media profiles, and PeerIndex gives you an influence score. PeerIndex also provides you with a list of topics you're influential in. However, this list is often filled with irrelevant topics, so don't be surprised to see some random topics on your list that you don't recall every talking about online.

3. Kred

Kred is another online influence tracking tool, which you can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to in order to determine your Kred influence score globally as well as in a list of topics identified through your social media activities. the interface is a bit confusing, but for people who prefer visual dashboards, this might be a tool worth trying.

4. PROskore

PROskore measures online influence among professionals. In other words, it measures your professional reputation by analyzing your professional background, social media influence, and overall online popularity. There is also a business networking component of the site where users can find and refer business. Unfortunately, a person's PROskore score is comprised partially from participation in the network, including getting recommendations from other members. For that reason, you need to tread carefully when using this tool to measure online influence because the numbers can be very skewed.

5. Traackr

Traackr is an influencer marketing tool with a price tag that helps marketers find online influencers to target campaigns and messaging. If you're very serious about building your online influence and connecting with other online influencers in order to build your blog, then Traackr might be a power tool worth testing. Not only can you get your own online reach, resonance, and relevance scores for topics that matter to you, but you can also find influencers by topic and access complete influencer profiles that are constantly updating.

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