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Useful and Fun Blog Widgets Every Blogger Needs to Try

Give Your Blog Some Zing with Customizable Blog Widgets


Did you know there are free blog widgets, which you can add to your blog that can increase your social media presence online, add functionality to your blog, share great content, or just make your blog more fun and interesting? Read on to learn more about some of these cool blog widgets! Note that not all widgets are available for use with all blogging applications.

Twitter Widgets

Twitter on Widget Channel
niallkennedy/Flikr/CC BY 2.0
There are a number of Twitter widgets available that Twitter publishers can use to promote their content, including one that allows you to publish your most recent Twitter updates on your blog. Just follow the link above, select the My Website link from the left sidebar, and select the type of Twitter widget you want to add to your blog. For example, you can follow the instructions provided to customize a Profile Twitter widget, and then copy and paste the code into a sidebar widget or gadget on your blog. Your most recent Twitter updates will automatically appear in your blog. It really is that easy!

Facebook Widget

There are a number of Facebook Widgets that you can add to your blog, including widgets that allow you to share your Facebook content, share your Facebook profile, create a Facebook fan box, and more! Take a look at the available Facebook widgets using the link above.


Pictobrowser is a free blog widget that allows you to share your Flickr images on your blog. There are a lot of customization options available to ensure your images are displayed exactly the way you want them to be on your blog.

Sliding Puzzles

Sliding Puzzles is a really fun blog widget that allows you to create a sliding puzzle from any image you upload or have hosted online already.

Countdown Widget

Have you ever seen those cool countdown clocks on Web sites or blog before? Want to add one to your blog? You can with the free Countdown Widget!
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