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5 Reasons Bloggers Should Learn HTML and CSS

Learning HTML and CSS Can Help Bloggers Save Money and Time, Make Money and More


Bloggers who take the time to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can easily take their blog to the next level with little to no monetary investment. There are a variety of websites, online tutorials, articles, and books dedicated to teaching people how to use HTML and CSS to make their web pages and blogs the best that they can be. Learning HTML and CSS can help you save money, save time, make money and more! Learn how below, and then check out the list of 10 Resources to Help Bloggers Learn HTML and 10 Resources to Help Bloggers Learn CSS.

1. Make Changes to Your Blog

Bloggers are very limited in terms of how they can customize the appearance and functionality of their blogs unless they know some HTML and CSS. The more HTML and CSS that you know, the more you can do with your blog. Without HTML and CSS knowledge, you're stuck with the basic design and functionality of your blog's template and setup, unless you hire a blog designer to help you.

2. Save Money

Learning HTML and CSS can save power bloggers a lot of money in the long-term. Rather than having to pay a blog designer to design your blog, change the functionality, make minor changes, and so on, you can do all the design work and make all the necessary changes yourself!

3. Give Your Blog an Overhaul

Without the knowledge of HTML and CSS, your blog can't go as far as you might want it to (without hiring a professional blog designer to help you). When you learn HTML and CSS, you can give your blog a complete redesign, modify its functionality, remove limiting widgets, upgrade to a more recent version of your blogging software with little to no fear, switch blog applications, and make your blog do exactly what you want it to do and look exactly the way you want it to at anytime.

4. Modify Plug-ins and Add-ons

Depending on what blogging software you use, there are probably a variety of third-party plug-ins or add-ons that you can add to your blog to make it look or perform the way you want it to. If you learn HTML and CSS, you'll be able to do so much more with plug-ins and add-ons than you ever dreamed possible.

5. Make Money

Once you learn HTML and CSS, you can help other bloggers design or modify their own blogs for a fee.
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