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15 Business Blog Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Business Blog


Your business blog is an important component of your company or organization's social media marketing plan. Therefore, it needs to be set up and written correctly to attract and retain visitors. Make sure you're not guilty of making any of the business blog mistakes included below, and if you are making any of these mistakes, be sure to make the necessary changes immediately! These 15 business blog mistakes could ruin your blog.

1. Sound

It might be tempting to have that sales video start as soon as a visitor lands on your blog, but don't do it! Sound of any kind is a big mistake on a business blog. Don't try to control the visitor's experience on your business blog. Put them in the driver's seat and let them choose to play sound or not.

2. Hard to Read Colors

Your blog has to be visually appealing and easy to read. Remember, many visitors will view it on their smartphone or iPad. Readability is always a top priority, so avoid bright colors or white text on a dark background. Follow the link to learn more about colors and blog design.

3. Too Many Ads

Whether you're displaying ads for your own products or third-party ads to make some passive income from your business blog, avoid placing too many of them. Your high quality content should always take center stage!

4. Intrusive Ads

Avoid pop-up ads, interstitial ads, and any other type of ad that interrupts the user experience on your business blog. There are few quicker ways to annoy visitors than interrupting them with ads.

5. Splash Pages

Don't make it harder for people to get to your best content by stopping them in their tracks with a splash page! It's annoying and disrupts the user experience.

6. Too Much Text

Text-heavy pages are overwhelming and hard to read. To avoid too much text, use images and format your posts for scannability.

7. Long Blog Posts

Your blog posts should be easy to read. Few people take the time to read an entire blog post, so keep the length down and focus on saying more with fewer words.

8. No About Page

A business blog must have an About page that clearly explains who is behind the business and what the business does.

9. No Contact Information

Business blogs should have a clearly identifiable contact page, so it's easy for visitors to get in touch with the business with questions or for more information.

10. Anonymous Post Authors

Make sure each post is written by an author with an attached bio, so visitors understand the experience and expertise that the writer brings to the table and feels like they can trust him or her.
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