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6 Tips to Turn Your Business Blog into a Sales Tool

Use Your Blog to Boost Sales and Profits for Your Business


Many large and small companies start business blogs to help drive sales and boost profits. Follow these six tips to help turn your blog into a sales tool.

1. Link to Your Online Catalog

One of the simplest ways to turn your blog into a sales tool is by writing posts about your products or services then linking to those products where customers can purchase them. These informational posts should provide valuable information about the product that isn't available in your online catalog such as a more product detailed description or ideas for how customers can use the product to benefit their lives.

2. Write Educational Posts

Including posts in your business blog that help to educate your customers on your products, company and mission is a great way to generate awareness, recognition and interest in your products thereby driving sales.

3. Provide Exclusive Information and Tips

Make your customers feel 'in the know' because they read your blog and reward them for doing so by writing posts that provide exclusive information and tips. For example, you could write a blog post about an upcoming product release or sale. Offering extra incentives to encourage customers who read your blog to make a purchase through special discounts and promotions offered only to blog readers or subscribers is an effective way to turn your blog into a sales tool.

4. Post Product Reviews from Customers or Industry Experts

You can drive sales by inviting customers or industry experts to provide product reviews in your business' blog posts. People are far more likely to buy a product based on recommendations from friends, family and even complete strangers than they are from traditional advertising tactics. Use your blog as a tool to drive word of mouth marketing by letting online influencers contribute with guest posts.

5. Respond to Customers' Questions and Concerns

Write blog posts that address customer questions and concerns. By communicating directly with your customers, letting them know you value them and alleviating their concerns (or reducing their confusion) is an excellent way to drive sales and customer loyalty. Furthermore, respond to comments on your business blog to create a sense of community around it, which will further drive loyalty and repeat sales.

6. Talk About and Link to Other Online Marketing Programs

One of the most important aspects of operating a successful business with an online component is developing an effective online marketing strategy including viral marketing and social media marketing tactics. Don't forget to talk about and link to those marketing programs in your blog posts. Doing so will create a cohesive and consistent online marketing strategy that has a better chance of significantly boosting sales.
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