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Review of Entrecard

How to Get Started and Promote Your Blog with Entrecard

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Entrecard provides a unique way for you to market your blog. It's purpose is to bring bloggers (and website owners) together through advertising widgets. The following information will teach you how to get started with Entrecard and how to use it to drive traffic (and possibly revenue) to your blog.

What is Entrecard?

Entrecard is a free advertising exchange network. Users can advertise their own Entrecard ad on any blog in the Entrecard network for free for a certain number of days. Ads are paid for through Entrecard Credits that users earn by visiting other blogs in the network and dropping off their "cards" at those blogs through a special Entrecard widget, which appears on every participating blog in the network.

To get started with Entrecard, simply sign up on the Entrecard website. Once your account is activated, click on the "Get Code" tab to copy the code for the specific widget you want to use on your blog. Simply paste that code into a widget on your blog and you're ready to go.

When you join Entrecard, you'll have the opportunity to create your own 125x125 business card. This card will also serve as your ad when you advertise on another site in the network. You can change your card's appearance at any time. Remember, this card is your ad, so try to create something that users will click when they see it.

How Do I Earn Credits to Pay for Ads through Entrecard?

Every participating Entrecard member will display a special Entrecard widget on their blogs. That widget includes an icon for Entrecard members to click on to drop off their virtual card. You earn one Entrecard credit for every virtual card you drop at other sites in the network. You also earn one credit for every card another user drops off at your site.

When someone drops a card off at your site, their card will appear in your Entrecard in-box. If you'd like, you can simply click on that Entrecard in your in-box to visit that user's site and reciprocate by dropping your card off, thereby earning another Entrecard credit for you and the other person.

You can also earn Entrecard credits when another person advertises on your blog and pays you with the credits they've earned.

How Do I Place My Entrecard Ad on Other Websites?

To advertise on other sites, you'll simply navigate to the "Campaign" section of your Entrecard inbox and find the blog within the network where you want to advertise. Simply click on "advertise" under that site's card. Once the owner of that site approves your request, your ad will appear on that site for 24 hours for each advertisement slot you buy with your Entrecard credits.

How Do I Pay for Entrecard Ads?

To advertise on another site in the Entrecard network, you'll have to pay with credits in an amount equal to twice the number of cards dropped off on that site each day. In other words, if 10 cards are dropped off on that site each day, you'll have to pay that user 20 Entrecard credits to place your ad on that site. Remember, each ad you pay for is displayed for 24-hours. You can pay for as many 24-hour units that you want, however, each site can only have 9 ad units in its qeue. Once the 9-days in the site's advertising queue are filled, you'll have to wait until another unit opens up to purchase additional ads. The cost to advertise and the wait time are shown under each users' card within the "Campaign" section of the Entrecard site.

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