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15 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media Marketing

How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and More


11. Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Blogs in Your Niche

Find blogs in your niche and reach out to the owner of each blog to find out if the blog publishes guest posts. If so, write a great guest blog post and be sure to include a link to your blog in your bio that accompanies the post.

12. Join Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and Share Your Relevant Blog Content

There are many groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn, so search through them and find active groups related to your blog topic. Join them and start publishing comments and joining conversations. In time, you can start sharing links to your best and most relevant blog posts. Just don't overdo it or people will view you as a self-promotional spammer!

13. Be Active on Your Social Media Profiles

Don't just publish links to your blog posts on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. You need to actively interact with others, retweet and share their content, acknowledge them, and publish meaningful content. You need to be active and visible.

14. Hold a Tweetup or Tweet Chat

Do you attend events related to your blog topic? Why not gather people together at those events for a tweetup (a local in-person gathering of fellow tweeters) to deepen your relationships with them? Or schedule a tweet chat to bring a group of people together virtually to discuss a topic that's relevant to your blog.

15. Repurpose Content for Multiple Social Media Destinations

You can turn your YouTube videos into blog posts, Slideshare presentations, tweets, podcasts, and more. Think about how many different ways you can use a piece of content to give it (and ultimately, your blog) more exposure. Don't just republish content. You need to modify it so it's not viewed as duplicate content by search engines or it will do more harm than good. Instead, you need to revise it (called "repurposing") before you use it elsewhere.
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