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Microblogging With Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku and More

Learn all about microblogging and popular microblogging tools like Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku and more.
  1. People to Follow on Twitter (3)
  2. Plurk, Jaiku, and Others (3)
  3. Twitter Apps (11)
  4. Twitter FAQs (17)

What is Twitter? - Twitter Basics
What is Twitter and why do people and businesses Tweet? Learn the basics.

Twitter Limits Defined
Learn Twitter limits and restrictions.

What do You Use Twitter For?
Your turn - what do you use Twitter for? Share your story.

Understanding Twitter Terminology
Definitions and descriptions to get up to speed on the language of Twitter.

10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Twitter
Learn how you can use Twitter to build relationships and grow your blog.

10 Types of Twitter Posts
What should I write about on Twitter? Get the answer in this article.

How to Find Twitter Hashtags to Amplify Your Tweets
Get the details about sites that can help you find the right hashtags to use in your tweets to get more blog traffic.

Twitter Scheduling Tools that Make Life Easier and Twitter Streams Livelier
Find Twitter scheduling tools that are easy to use and free or affordable to make your life easier and your Twitter stream more effective.

5 Tips to Get More Twitter Retweets
How to write tweets that get retweeted effectively.

How to Hold a Twitter Chat to Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic
Host a Twitter Chat that increases blog traffic by following these 10 easy steps.

Top 10 Twitter Etiquette Tips
Aavoid annoying your Twitter followers with these Twitter etiquette tips.

How to Shorten URLs for Free
If you've tried to copy and paste a link, but part of the URL is lost and the link doesn't work, then you need to try one of these free websites to shorten URLs.

Find Free and Custom Twitter Backgrounds
Give your Twitter profile a unique design.

How Short are URL Shorteners
When short really counts - check out this URL shortener comparison to see how short they really make URLs.

Sites to Find Free Twitter Icons
A list of sites where you can find free Twitter icons to publish on your blog or website and encourage people to follow you on Twitter.

4 Step Tutorial to Find Friends on Twitter and People to Follow
Learn how to find friends on Twitter and other people to follow on Twitter.

Use SponsoredTweets.com to Make Money with Twitter
Learn how you can make money by publishing sponsored tweets on Twitter.

10 Top Twitter Users of 2010
A who's who of Twitter in 2010.

Directory of Companies and Brands on Twitter
Find the companies and brands you like on twitter.

Review of 'Twitter Power' by Joel Comm
Read the full review to learn if you should invest in this book.

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