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Review of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Advertising Program

Is Amazon Associates Affiliate Advertising Right for Your Blog?

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Finding ways to earn money from your blog is confusing. The following review of the Amazon Associates affiliate advertising program should help you determine whether or not advertisements from Amazon are right for your blog.

Amazon Associates is Very Easy

Amazon Associates is one of the easiest options to pursue to monetize your blog. You simply sign up at the Amazon Associates website, choose which method you want to use to add Amazon products to your blog, and you're ready to go.

Amazon Associates Offers Variety

With Amazon Associates' affliiate advertising program, you can choose from thousands and thousands of products to advertise on your blog. From books to diapers and everything inbetween, you can find it on Amazon.

Amazon Associates Offers Customization

Amazon Associates users have a wide variety of choice in terms of how ads are displayed. You can choose from contextual links, widgets with specific products, automated ads and more. What does this mean to you? Simply stated, it means you can pick and choose the products you want to advertise from Amazon on your blog. By choosing products that would interest your readers or are directly related to your blog, there is a higher chance that readers will click on those ads and make a purchase.

For the ultimate customization, you can open an Amazon store through the Amazon Associates program where you can sell products of your choice to further increase the earning potential from your blog.

If you'd rather not have to take the time to pick and choose products, you can select an automated ad that will list products based on the content of your blog or the best deals on Amazon, etc. The choice is yours to make based on how much time and revenue you want to earn from Amazon.

Amazon Associates Offers Specific Tracking

Amazon Associates members can track the performance of the ads on their blogs down to the specific ad widget. This will help you identify which types of ads and products generate the highest revenue and which are underperforming. That way, you can make the necessary changes to optimize the revenue potential from you Amazon program.

User Reviews

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pushy salesman, Member thomaskev

i was contacted by this program to start an affiliate program. It all sounded great of course. However shelling out a thousand dollars without doing any research on your own is plain stupid. Taking the word of some salesman over the phone isnt my style. So when i resisted signing up immediately i was bombarded continuously with appeals to get my credit card. When i said look i want to think about it, give me a number and ill call back if i end up being interested i was hung up on.

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