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Parts of a Blog - Lessons on Blog Categories, Tags, Blogrolls and More

Blogs are made up of many parts that provide a multitude of ways for you to enhance your blog's appearance and performance. Here you will learn how categories, tags, images, blogrolls, RSS subscriptions, post scheduling and more allow you to customize your blog and give it some personal flair while helping your blog's marketing efforts at the same time. It's time to get creative and have fun!

The Fundamental Parts of a Blog
Learn the essential parts of a blog that every blog should have.

Create Your Blog's Home Page
Learn the critical elements required to make your blog's home page the best it can be.

Making Your "About Me" Page Shine
Learn to write a compelling "About Me" page for your blog to establish who you are as a blogger, to get readers interested and to keep them coming back to your blog for more.

Blog Contact Page Overview
How and why to create a great contact page for your blog.

Blog Page Overview
Learn what a blog page, how to use blog pages, and how they're different from blog posts.

Overview of a Blog Post
Learn the elements of a blog post and how they are used together to create compelling blog content and drive traffic to your blog.

What Are Blog Comments?
Learn what makes blog comments so important to bloggers.

5 Ways to Increase Blog Comments and Build an Online Community
Get more blog comments and build an online community by following these five tips.

Your Turn - How Do You Increase Your Blog Comments?
Your turn to share your tips for increasing the number of comments left on your blog posts.

5 Ways to Identify Blog Comment Spam
Learn 5 easy ways to identify spam comments on your blog posts.

10 Ways to Reduce Spam Comments on WordPress Blogs
Learn 10 tips to reduce the number of spam comments your blog gets.

Creating a Blog Comment Policy
It's important to set reader expectations up-front and to protect yourself as a blogger by publishing a blog comment policy. Learn how here.

How to Write a Blog Comment Policy
Get a sample Blog Comment Policy.

How to Respond to Negative Blog Comments
Learn the three things you can do when someone publishes negative blog comments about you on your blog or elsewhere online.

Blog Comments - To Close or Not to Close
Find out whether or not you should close blog comments on older blog posts.

An Overview of Blog Categories
Learn how blog categories help keep the information and posts found on your blog organized and easy to find.

Blog Category Organization Tips
Tips to set up your blog category structure for long-term success.

What is a Blogroll?
Learn what blogrolls are and how bloggers can use them to increase traffic to their blogs.

What Is a Blog Sidebar?
Learn what a blog sidebar and how to use it.

15 Popular Blog Sidebar Items
Learn about the items readers expect to find in your blog's sidebar as well as the items you can put in your sidebar to help market and monetize your blog.

Introduction to Blog Widgets
Learn what blog widgets are and how you can use them to improve your blog.

Sites for Free Social Media Icons
Promote your blog across the social Web with these free social media icons available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

What is a Blog Header?
Learn what a blog header is in simple terms.

What is a Blog Footer?
Learn what a blog footer is in simple terms.

Overview of Blog Archives
Learn what blog archives are and why they matter to your blog's success.

Add a PayPal Donation Button to Your Blog
Add a PayPal Donations Button to your blog to begin earning money from your blog.

Sample Blog Privacy Policy
Learn how to create a Blog Privacy Policy

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