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10 Tips to Find Writing Jobs on LinkedIn for Bloggers

Find Jobs on LinkedIn and Make Money Writing for Other Blogs


Many large and small companies are looking for people to write content for their blogs. Even independent bloggers need help sometimes, so they hire bloggers to write for their sites. It's easy to find writing jobs on LinkedIn for bloggers. You just need to know where to look, how to make the right connections, and how to create a LinkedIn profile that makes an impact when hiring managers see it.

Use the tips below to find writing jobs on LinkedIn that will help you make money and drive traffic to your own blog, too.

1. Create a Targeted LinkedIn Profile

Your efforts to find a writing job on LinkedIn are useless if you don't take the time to create an amazing LinkedIn profile first. Make sure hiring managers learn the right things about you when they view your LinkedIn profile by creating a 100% complete profile that offers relevant information and proves you're an experienced blogger.

2. Make the Right Connections

Once your LinkedIn profile is set up, start making LinkedIn connections with people who can help you reach your goals.

3. Get Active on LinkedIn

When you apply for a job, hiring managers are very likely to not only look at your LinkedIn profile but also at your LinkedIn activities. With that in mind, make sure your profile is 100% complete. Ask for recommendations from your connections, and take the time to write recommendations for other LinkedIn members, too. Get active in groups and LinkedIn Answers. Take the time to update your LinkedIn profile with posts and be sure to comment on and share other people's posts.

4. Search for Jobs on LinkedIn

Many hiring managers publish job postings directly through the paid LinkedIn Jobs tool. You can search through job listings using keywords and other search criteria at anytime. Just log into your LinkedIn account and visit LinkedIn Jobs to start your search.

5. Find Jobs through in LinkedIn Groups

Some groups include a careers section where job postings appear. Even groups that don't include a specific career section typically allow members to publish discussions about job postings. Be sure to join relevant groups, because you never know when a great job might pop up in a group discussion! Don't forget to let fellow group members know that you're looking for a blogging job.

6. Browse Jobs on LinkedIn Company Pages

Jobs are also displayed on individual LinkedIn Company Pages, too. When a company posts a job on LinkedIn through the Jobs tool that job also appears in the Careers section within the company's LinkedIn Company Page. If there are specific companies that you'd like to write for, search for their Company Pages to see if any jobs are posted.

7. Ask Your Connections for Help

The power of LinkedIn comes from your network of connections. Send private messages to your connections or simply publish posts to your LinkedIn profile so everyone knows you're actively looking for a blogging job.

8. Pay for a Job Seeker Premium Account

Premium Job Seeker accounts have a price tag attached to them but offer features that might be worth it to you. For example, a premium Job Seeker account adds a Job Seeker badge to your LinkedIn profile. When you apply for a job through a LinkedIn job posting, your application gets bumped to the top and you become a Featured Applicant. You can also send InMails to hiring managers when you have a premium Job Seeker account, which means you can communicate with them even if you're not connected to them on LinkedIn.

9. Use the JobsInsider Toolbar

Sign into your LinkedIn account and download the JobsInsider toolbar that integrates directly into your web browser. When the toolbar is installed and you view a job posting on a partner website (such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com), your LinkedIn connections who work for that company will display on your screen. This makes it easy for you to get information about the company, tips for applying, and even an introduction to the hiring manager or key company employees!

10. Follow Application Instructions

Always follow the application instructions included in any job posting you find on LinkedIn (or offsite). Hiring managers will expect to see applications arrive to them based on those instructions and will be looking for them. Not only could your application be overlooked if you don't follow directions, but you could also take yourself out of the running for the position if you can't follow directions.
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