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How to Find Blog Networks That Pay You to Blog

Paid Blogging Jobs Do Exist Through Blog Networks


Finding a job as a blogger for a blog network can be a great way to enter the world of professional blogging. Determine your area of expertise or the topic where you can add value to readers then market yourself to blog networks as the best person to blog about that topic to drive traffic to the network.

Many blog networks post blogging jobs on job boards, so take some time to search for and apply to open positions.

Following is an overview of some of the most popular blogging networks:


Examiner offers local news and content via numerous blogs, which all operate from the Examiner.com domain. Examiner is almost always looking for writers.


Hubpages allows bloggers to create their own 'hubs' and earn revenue through advertising efforts.

Simply Good Media

Simply Good Media focuses on blogs with budget-conscious topics.

Content Quake

Content Quake accepts applications from bloggers looking to be paid for writing content on a variety of specific topics.


Families.com maintains a variety of blogs dedicated to topics important to families.
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