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5 SEO Tips to BEat the Google Panda Farmer Algorithm Change

How to Keep Google Search Traffic Coming to Your Blog


In February 2011, Google introduced a change to its search ranking algorithm referred to as Panda Farmer. Google announced that the change was intended to make keyword search results better by penalizing sites that publish duplicate and low quality content. Unfortunately, many honest website owners and bloggers found traffic to their sites drop after Google implemented the Panda Farmer change. You can make some simple changes to your blog to ensure you continue getting Google search traffic in the future and BEat the Panda Farmer algorithm change. Just follow the 5 ways to BE listed below!

1. BE Original

Remove duplicate content from your blog. Whether content has been copied from another site or blog or duplicated on multiple pages within your blog, that's a big flag for a penalty under the Panda Farmer algorithm change. The vast majority of content across your site and within each page should be original.

2. BE Relevant

The content on each page of your blog should match the expectations that people will have for it after conducting a keyword search that brings them to it. That means your content should match ads published on your blog, the meta data used to describe your blog, the keywords used on a page, and so on. If your content doesn't meet visitor expectations, then your blog will have a high bounce rate, a low number of return visitors, and short times spent on your blog by visitors. You could also get a low clickthrough rate from Google search results where your blog appears. All of these are red flags and can lead to penalties under the Google Panda Farmer algorithm change.

3. BE Social

If your blog has few incoming links or the majority of incoming links come from low quality sites, then your blog might be red flagged under the Google Panda Farmer algorithm change. That's because a lot of incoming links, particularly from high quality sites, typically mean that your content is really good (or no one would link to it). Furthermore, very few mentions and incoming links from social sites like Twitter and Facebook can raise a red flag. To combat this problem, be social. Get on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites and join the conversation. Share links to your best content and in time, those incoming links from others will grow.

4. BE Natural

Do not overuse keywords in your content. If your blog is filled with keywords and excessive search engine optimization tricks, it could get red flagged under the Google Panda Farmer algorithm change. Your content should flow naturally.

5. Be Useful

One of the most important things you need to do is to publish high quality content. Google's goal with the Panda Farmer algorithm change is to penalize content mills, link farms, and sites that copy content. None of the tips described above are new. They've always been important SEO rules, but since the Panda Farmer algorithm change, penalties are much swifter and stiffer. Always publish useful and meaningful content to stay on Google's good side.

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