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Top Sites for Blog SEO Tips

Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Help from the Best SEO Sites and Resources


Anyone can learn search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks that can be used to increase search traffic to a blog or website. Fortunately, there are many sites that offer a wealth of free information about SEO that can help bloggers boost search traffic. Even the most basic SEO tweaks can make a difference in the amount of search traffic your blog gets.

You can get a lot of SEO tips right here on About.com Blogging. When you're ready to learn even more about SEO, check out some of the sites below that are dedicated to topics related to search engine optimization. Each provides high quality and trustworthy information.


SEOmoz is one of the best sites to learn SEO. It features content published by the experts at SEOmoz as well as a very active forum and blog written by members of the SEO community. SEO training is also available to help you learn SEO following a step-by-step process.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land provides news and information about search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. The site offers a lot of free content and how-to guides to learn SEO as well as a paid section that provides advanced content for SEO pros.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal describes itself as a site that helps companies improve their interactive marketing, but the content applies to bloggers, too. Afterall, promoting your blog and making SEO tweaks to increase search traffic is very similar to promoting a company and trying to drive search traffic to the company website. The content on Search Engine Journal is timely and separated into clear categories: news, SEO, tools, social, link building, and PPC (pay-per-click advertising).

Search Engine Roundtable

The mission of Search Engine Roundtable is to provide a single source for readers to learn about the most interesting conversations happening in online forums related to SEO and search marketing across the web. The Search Engine Roundtable team scours the online forum world to find the best SEO-related content and report about it on the Search Engine Roundtable site. They often add their own opinions and expertise to the content, making it even more interesting and useful. Writers can also start their own topics regardless of whether they found them in a forum or not. Each writer focuses on just a couple of forums, so they can compare what's being said and offer the best combination of information on Search Engine Roundtable.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch helps bloggers improve search traffic using SEO in a slightly different way than the other sites on this list offer. Search Engine Watch offers tips and information about searching the web as well as ongoing analysis of the search engine industry and help for bloggers and website owners who are trying to improve their search traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is filled with useful tools and information about SEO that you can use to boost Google search traffic to your blog. You have to have a free Google account to access all of the tools and information available to you in Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, the Google Webmaster Central blog often includes timely information about Google search that you should keep up with.


Wordtracker is one of the best keyword research tools. While the Wordtracker keyword research tool comes with a price tag, the SEO information available on the Wordtracker website does not. In the Wordtracker Academy section of the company's website, you can find a wide variety of articles related to SEO that are easy for bloggers to understand.


Distilled is a great SEO company, but its services are too expensive for the majority of bloggers. However, you can still learn SEO from the experts on the Distilled team by reading their blog. It's filled with great tips, tricks, and information that can help you drive more search traffic to your blog.
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