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100 Free Blog Tips and Blog Help Every Blogger Should Read

Free Blog Tips to Be a Successful Blogger


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Want to be a successful blogger? If so, you've come to the right place. Following are 100 free blog tips and blog help that teach you how to be start a blog, increase traffic to it, and make money online from your blog. Click on the links to get more details, instructions, and useful information.

  1. Don't bother starting a blog unless you know blogging is right for you. Read More
  2. Choose the right topic for your blog. Read More
  3. Choose a narrow topic and stay focused on your niche. Read More
  4. Secure a great domain name for your blog. Read More
  5. Understand that not everything about blogging is positive. Read More
  6. Choose the right blogging application for your blog. Read More
  7. Select the right blog host. Read More
  8. Include the most important elements in your blog design. Read More
  9. Add extra elements to make your blog design stand out. Read More
  10. Include social media icons to encourage visitors to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Read More
  11. Make sure your blog passes the blog design checklist. Read More
  12. Consider learning some CSS. Read More
  13. Know how to find a blog designer if and when you need one. Read More
  14. Create your Gravatar. Read More
  15. Create a great About Me page. Read More
  16. Keep your categories streamlined and organized. Read More
  17. Learn how to respond to negative blog comments. Read More
  18. Use images that you're legally allowed to publish on your blog. Read More
  19. Edit the images on your blog to make them more unique and visually appealing. Read More
  20. Learn some basic HTML. Read More
  21. Put your blog through the blog review checklist to make sure it's ready to go! Read More
  22. Don't let your archives die. Read More
  23. Don't break any laws. Read More
  24. Learn the most important unwritten rules of blogging. Read More
  25. Don't do anything that could make people think you're a spammer. Read More
  26. Adhere to the 3 Cs of blogging success: comments, conversation, and community. Read More
  27. Memorize the blogging secrets of top bloggers. Read More
  28. Use free blogging tools that can make your life as a blogger easier and better. Read More
  29. Try free tools from Google that make blogging easier and more productive. Read More
  30. Work on improving your writing. Read More
  31. Write great blog post titles that people want to click. Read More
  32. Learn to write great blog posts. Read More
  33. Learn to write blog posts that people want to share. Read More
  34. Learn writing tricks from journalists that you can use on your blog, too. Read More
  35. Use the blog post checklist to ensure your blog posts are perfect before you publish them. Read More
  36. Find places to help you think of blog post ideas when you're struck with Blogger's Block. Read More
  37. Consider using an editorial calendar to stay organized. Read More
  38. Choose the right blog template or theme. Read More
  39. Take some extra time to make your blog posts look great. Read More
  40. Clean up and rejuvenate your blog from time to time. Read More
  41. Follow a blog posting schedule that will help you reach your goals. Read More
  42. Use tricks to get people to stay on your blog longer. Read More
  43. Blog strategically, not tactically. Read More
  44. Use social media to increase traffic to your blog. Read More
  45. Give away free stuff to get more blog visitors. Read More
  46. Use all of the free blog promotion tactics and tools that you can. Read More
  47. Get more incoming links to your blog to boost visitors. Read More
  48. Write link bait blog posts when they're relevant to your blog topic. Read More
  49. Connect with online influencers who can help you promote your blog. Read More
  50. Promote your blog with email marketing. Read More
  51. Write a marketing plan for your blog. Read More
  52. Increase blog traffic by writing guest posts for other blogs. Read More
  53. Repurpose your blog content to creatively drive more traffic to your blog. Read More
  54. Track your blog's performance. Read More
  55. Know what statistics to track to measure your blog's performance and make the necessary changes. Read More
  56. Learn how to use Facebook to increase blog traffic. Read More
  57. Learn how to promote your blog on LinkedIn. Read More
  58. Use Google+ to grow your blog's audience. Read More
  59. Use images, videos, and quotes to boost blog traffic with Pinterest. Read More
  60. Learn how social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon can help to increase blog traffic. Read More
  61. Learn the many ways bloggers can use Twitter. Read More
  62. Familiarize yourself with tricks to get more retweets on Twitter. Read More
  63. Use Twitterfeed to automatically publish links to your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. Read More
  64. Read some books about social media marketing to learn more ways to increase blog traffic. Read More
  65. Hold blog contests for fun and for traffic. Read More
  66. Promote your blog contests so more people enter. Read More
  67. Use social media management and monitoring tools to streamline tasks, monitor your online reputation, and more. Read More
  68. Learn the most important search engine optimization tips. Read More
  69. Don't follow SEO tips that can get you in trouble. Read More
  70. Don't follow shady SEO tactics. Instead increase blog traffic from search engines organically. Read More
  71. Put all of your blog posts through the 60-second blog post SEO check. Read More
  72. Research keywords to find out what potential readers are searching for and write related content to get more traffic. Read More
  73. Use keywords in your blog posts to get more search traffic. Read More
  74. Use keywords in the right places in your blog posts to get traffic without getting in trouble. Read More
  75. Don't use too many links in your blog posts. Read More
  76. Beware of SEO experts who don't operate ethically. Read More
  77. Create your blog's feed with Feedburner. Read More
  78. Hype your feed on your blog to boost subscribers. Read More
  79. Syndicate your blog content to get traffic or make money. Read More
  80. Don't sell text links on your blog. Read More
  81. Use the tricks successful bloggers use to make more money from blog advertising. Read More
  82. Determine how much to charge for ads on your blog. Read More
  83. Create an advertising rate sheet. Read More
  84. Use Google AdSense, but be sure you follow the rules! Read More
  85. Learn the tricks to make more money from Google AdSense. Read More
  86. Consider publishing blog feed ads as your subscriber numbers go up. Read More
  87. Learn how to choose the right affiliate advertising programs for your blog. Read More
  88. Understand the do's and don'ts of publishing paid posts before you do it! Read More
  89. Learn how to become a professional blogger and get paid to blog for other people. Read More
  90. Determine how much to charge for your blogging services. Read More
  91. Try making money in creative ways that don't involve selling ad space on your blog. Read More
  92. Decide if selling merchandise on your blog is a good fit for you. Read More
  93. Classify your blogging business so you know how to handle your income on your tax return. Read More
  94. Study tax tips for freelance bloggers. Read More
  95. Make sure you're not missing tax deductions that bloggers can claim. Read More
  96. Find ways to get free products to review on your blog. Read More
  97. Learn where to find bloggers to hire to write for your blog when you need help. Read More
  98. If multiple bloggers write for your blog, create a blog style guide. Read More
  99. If you like to have a printed resource by your side, read a blogging book. Read More
  100. If you like reading on your Kindle, get a blogging ebook. Read More
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