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Should You Let Your Child Blog?


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According to WiredSafety.org, over 6 million underage children write blogs with or without their parents' knowledge. Blogging is particularly popular among children who see their parents blogging either professionally or personally.

Should parents allow their children to blog? How can parents ensure their children are blogging in a safe manner?

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A vast number of blogs written by children can be found through MySpace whose terms of service clearly state that anyone over 14 may start a blog through the service. LiveJournal is another popular blogging option for kids and teens. The policy for LiveJournal states that anyone over the age of 13 can start a blog through the service. Unfortunately, there is also a large number of blogs written by children younger than 14 on MySpace, LiveJournal and through other blogging services and software programs. These kids simply lie about their age in the registration process.

Online safety is a big concern for most parents. Should children under 18 be allowed to blog at all? How can parents keep their blogging children safe online. Following is a review of the benefits of blogging for children as well as a number of tips to help parents keep their children safe in the blogosphere.

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