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10 Free and Easy Ways to Increase Blog Reader Loyalty

Tricks to Get More Page Views and Traffic to Your Blog


Why should people return to your blog again and again? Are you giving them a reason to want to return? Are you making it easy for them to return to your blog? Following are ten ways that you can increase blog reader loyalty without spending any money and without investing a significant amount of time into your efforts. Once you get started, these tips will become standard habits to you. The results they can deliver in terms of increased reader loyalty can lead to long-term success for your blog.

1. Link to Related Posts

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase blog reader loyalty is to make it easy for visitors to find more of your amazing content. Therefore, offer links to related posts at the end of each of your blog posts, so they can continue reading about the topic with a single mouse click. If you use WordPress.org as your blogging application, the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a great way to do it. Be sure to link to related posts within your blog posts, too. Intra-linking within posts is a great way to boost page views and increase reader loyalty.

2. Promote Popular Posts

It's very likely that visitors to your blog will want to read your most popular posts. Don't hide those posts in your blog archives. Instead, put them in the spotlight and make it easier for visitors to find them by adding them in a widget or gadget to your blog's sidebar.

3. Make It Easy to Subscribe to Your Blog's Feed

Display an invitation to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed in a prominent location on your blog. Making it easy for people to automatically receive your new content is a perfect way to drive loyalty.

4. Offer Free Stuff

Make it enticing to return to your blog by offering free stuff like ebooks, infographics, white papers, and more. These should all be available for free download without requiring an email address or any other information from visitors. You can also hold blog contests and use free prizes as an enticement to bring people back to your blog.

5. Share and Comment on Your Readers' Content

It's essential that you acknowledge your readers by responding to comments they publish on your blog, but you need to reciprocate, too. Visit the blogs of your most prolific comment providers and publish comments on their blog posts, too. Share links to their amazing content through your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles to send more traffic their way. They'll appreciate your efforts, which leads to deeper relationships and blog reader loyalty.

6. Interview Readers

Put your readers in the spotlight by interviewing them and publishing the interviews on your blog. For example, if someone leaves a particularly insightful comment on one of your posts, reach out and request an interview. You can do the same with people who publish great comments continually. Highlighting your readers is a great way to build loyalty with them.

7. Invite Readers to Write Posts for Your Blog

You can also put your readers in the spotlight by inviting them to write content for your blog as ongoing contributors or for guest posts. Acknowledging that you think their content is good enough to publish on your blog is a great way to give them added exposure and to build loyalty with them.

8. Make It Easy to Follow You on Social Media Sites

Display social media icons in a prominent place on your blog, so readers can easily follow you on Twitter and connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media sites. This is particularly important if you publish links to your most recent blog posts in your social media profiles (which you should do to increase traffic to your blog overall). Giving people more ways to find your content and visit your blog is a natural way to increase loyalty among your readers.

9. Publish Link Roundup Posts to Your Readers' Content

Another easy way to highlight your readers is to publish link roundup posts on your blog where you link to several posts published on your readers' blogs with snippets explaining why the posts are so good and worth it for your audience to read. Sending traffic to your readers' blogs and websites is sure to make them feel deeper loyalty toward you and your blog.

10. Write Great Content and Publish Frequently

Most importantly, write great content that people want to read and publish new content often. People have no reason to return to a blog with awful content or a blog that is never updated. You have to give something good (quality content) and continually (frequent posting) to build reader loyalty to your blog.
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