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10 Step Blog Maintenance Checklist

Make Sure Your Blog Works Correctly with Ongoing Maintenance


Blogs are easy to set up, but they do require some maintenance to ensure they always work just the way you want them to. Following are 10 maintenance tasks you should complete on a monthly basis to keep your blog running smoothly.

Review Your About Page

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Is your About page up-to-date? If anything about you, your blog, or any other content on your About page has changed since you published it, then you should update it. Make a habit of updating your About page whenever something in the content changes. Even if you get too busy to update your About page immediately when something changes, be sure to do a thorough review of it every three months.

Test Your Forms

If you have any forms on your blog, be sure to test them at least once a month to ensure that they function correctly, that you receive notifications and submissions correctly, and that automated responses are being sent out correctly. This is particularly important for your blog's contact form. If you use third-party plugins or tools to create and manage forms on your blog, make sure you always keep them updated when upgrades and fixes are released.

Check Your Feeds

Many people subscribe to your blog's RSS feed so they receive automatic updates via email or their preferred feed readers when you publish new content to your blog. Therefore, it's essential that you subscribe to your blog's RSS feed, too. This way, you will notice when something goes wrong with subscription emails or if your feed stops working. You can also use a feed validation tool to validate your feed. Finally, be sure to test the subscription form on your blog to make sure it functions correctly. You don't want to lose new subscribers because the sign-up form doesn't work!

Test Your Navigation

Test all of the internal links in your blog's top navigation menu, sidebar, footer, and so on to ensure they all work.

Check for Broken Links

Use a tool like BrokenLinkChecker.com to find broken links on your blog. Broken links can devalue the authority of your blog in search rankings and in visitors' minds. Therefore, it's very important that you fix broken links when you find them.

Update Plugins and Themes

If you use themes or plugins on your blog, then you need to make sure they're always up-to-date. Installing upgrades not only gives you the latest functionality but also protects your blog from security threats. With that in mind, make sure all of your themes and plugins are always updated to the most current version available.

Delete Unused Plugins

If you've installed plugins to your blog that you no longer use, delete them. Unused plugins take up space and can open your blog to security vulnerabilities.

Delete Spam and Trash Comments

Clean out your comments by deleting spam and trash comments. These can pile up quickly so make sure deleting them is part of your ongoing blog maintenance activities.

Clean up Your Sidebars

Are all of the elements in your blog's sidebar timely, useful, and relevant? It's easy to forget what's in your sidebar, so it's important that you take the time to review it monthly and ensure it's not cluttered. Instead, keep it clean and useful by deleting extraneous elements and letting the best content take center stage.

Backup Your Blog

If your blog matters to you and you don't use a blog backup tool already, then you need to start using one right away. You never know what could happen to your blog, and if you're not backing it up, you won't be able to restore it if something does happen to it. There are a variety of tools available to backup your blog and the choices can depend on what blogging application you use. For example, WordPress.org users can choose from a number of free and paid WordPress backup tools.
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