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Starting a Blog - Reviews, Tutorials and More


Starting a blog just got easier! Learn the basics of blogging from what to do before you begin to creating your blog, developing your blog and the rules of the blogosphere.
  1. Before You Start a Blog
  2. Selecting a Blogging Application and Host
  3. Team Blogs and Multi-Author Blogs
  4. Creating & Managing a Blog
  5. Designing a Blog
  6. Writing a Blog
  7. Parts of a Blog
  8. Blogging Tools and Add-ons
  1. WordPress Plugins
  2. Wordpress Tips and Tutorials
  3. Developing a Successful Blog
  4. Blogging Rules and Ethics
  5. Reading and Finding Blogs
  6. Popular Blogs and Bloggers
  7. Blogging Reference Guide

Before You Start a Blog

Before you join the blogosphere, take a look at these articles to make sure you're ready.

Selecting a Blogging Application and Host

Learn about the various blogging applications and hosts to help you choose the best one for you.

Team Blogs and Multi-Author Blogs

Learn how to create and manage a team blog and the multiple contributors who write for a team blog.

Creating & Managing a Blog

These tutorials and lessons will help you start your blog and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

Designing a Blog

The articles below will help you improve the overall look of your blog.

Writing a Blog

The information in the articles listed below will help you learn how to write a blog that people want to read.

Parts of a Blog

Blogs are made up of many parts and pieces. Get the information you need to understand the basics of blog terminology.

Blogging Tools and Add-ons

Just when you thought you understood how to blog, you realized there are a wealth of tools and add-ons available to you to help you enhance and extend your blog. Learn about these tools and what they can do for you and your blog.

WordPress Plugins

Check out these WordPress plugins to add functionality and features to your WordPress.org blog.

Wordpress Tips and Tutorials

If you use Wordpress, these tips and tutorials will help you use the functions and features available to you.

Developing a Successful Blog

You've joined the blogosphere and published your blog. Now, learn how to make your blog successful.

Blogging Rules and Ethics

Understand the do's and don'ts of blogging with these articles.

Reading and Finding Blogs

Who else is blogging? Learn how to find them here.

Popular Blogs and Bloggers

Learn from the best-of-the-best in the blogosphere.

Blogging Reference Guide

Breaking down blogging into easy-to-understand snippets through frequently asked questions and a layman's glossary.

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