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Upload and Share Pictures on Twitter with Twitpic

Review of the Twitpic Twitter App

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With Twitpic, you can upload photos, tag them, and tweet them from your computer or mobile phone directly to your Twitter stream. It's easy, convenient, and free.

The Positives of Twitpic

First, Twitpic is free to use and if you have a Twitter account, then you already have a Twitpic account. Just sign into Twitpic using your Twitter username and password. You can upload photos from the Twitpic Web site or from your mobile phone using a special address that is automatically available through your Twitpic account settings. You can also choose whether or not you want the pictures you upload to be shared in your Twitter stream or not, and you can add tags to help you identify and find photos on Twitpic. You can also allow other Twitter users to add tags to your photos. Other users can also leave comments on your pictures, and you can view statistics showing how many times your pictures have been viewed

The Negatives of Twitpic

You are limited to uploading pictures in three formats using Twitpic: .jpg, .png, and .gif. Anyone with a Twitter account can upload pictures to Twitpic, and while there is a link on each picture page that allows users to report offensive images, inappropriate content does appear from time to time.

The Bottom-line about Twitpic

Twitpic does what it claims to do very well and in a streamlined fashion. If you're looking for a site that allows you to upload pictures and tweet them to your followers, then Twitpic is a great option. The fact that users can add comments directly to pictures that you upload makes it easy to have conversations about your pictures, which is an added benefit, as is the ease of sending pictures to Twitpic from your mobile phone. Since Twitpic is free, there is really no reason not to give it a try.
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