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Must-try Twitter Tools for Bloggers

Twitter Tools to Increase Traffic and Build a Successful Blog


Twitter is an excellent place to spread the word about your blog posts and increase traffic to your blog, but are you using all of the Twitter tools that can make it even easier to boost traffic and build a successful blog? There is more to Twitter than publishing tweets and following people, and the tools described below can help you take your blog to the next level of growth, influence, and success.

1. WeFollow

WeFollow is a great tool to find people to follow on Twitter. It's a directory of Twitter profiles by category, which includes follower counts, too. Use it to search keyword tags and find people who tweet about your blog's topic as well as online influencers who have the eyes and ears of your target audience.

2. Monitter

Monitter is best described as a real-time Twitter search tool that you can use to monitor keywords of your choice on Twitter. As people include your keywords in their tweets, you'll see those tweets in your continually updated feeds, which are displayed as individual columns on the Monitter website. You can narrow your results by geographic location and follow trending tweets, too. When you see a tweet related to your blog, join the conversation!

3. Twellow

Twellow is often referred to as the Yellow Pages of Twitter. Any Twitter user can add his or her profile to the Twellow directory. You can add yours, too. Using the categories provided, you can also use Twellow to search for people to follow on Twitter who might be interested in your blog content. If you want to connect with people in your local area who use Twitter or in certain parts of the world, navigate to the Twellowhood section of the site to find Twitter users by geographic area.

4. NearbyTweets

Want to find Twitter users in your area or another specific geographic location? Just use the map tool on the NearbyTweets website, and you can do it in seconds. You can narrow results even further by entering a location and a keyword. For example, if you want to find people in Atlanta, Georgia who are tweeting about marketing, you can enter the city and keyword and get targeted results.

5. TweetDeck

Create a TweetDeck account, and managing your Twitter account will be easier within minutes. You can set up all of your feeds to follow, such as keywords and mentions, schedule tweets, group followers into categories, and more. In other words, TweetDeck saves you time by keeping you organized and helps you get the best results from your Twitter efforts.

6. Twitterfeed

Automatically publish tweets with links to your new blog posts with Twitterfeed. It only takes a few minutes to set up, but it saves you a lot of time in the future. You can also use Twitterfeed to feed your blog posts to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. While it's true that you shouldn't fill your Twitter feed with automated posts, streamlining the process to tweet links to your new blog posts using a tool like Twitterfeed is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to tweet even more tweets that are not automated than tweets that are automated.

7. Buffer

Buffer is a free app that you can use to schedule your tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and Google+ posts to maximize their impact. You can also use Bugger to track stats related to your tweets and posts. Paid accounts are available if you have a business or need to add a lot of users or social media accounts to your Bugger account.

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