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Review of Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin

Boost Comments on Your Blog with this WordPress Plugin

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It's hard enough to encourage visitors to your blog to take a few minutes to submit a comment to one of your blog posts, but it's even more difficult to entice them to come back and follow up on the conversation. The Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin can help!

What Does the Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin Do?

The Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin adds a check box under the comment submission form on each of your published blog posts. Visitors who submit comments and include their email addresses in the comment form, can select the check box to "Notify me of follow up comments via email." When they select the check box and then hit the Submit button to submit their comments, they'll automatically receive an email at the address included in the comment submission form each time a new comment is published on that post.

What Makes the Subscribe to Comments Plugin Good?

If a visitor leaves a comment on one of your blog posts, chances are good that he will be interested in reading future comments that might reference his own or provide more useful information related to a topic he has actively expressed interest in. It can be hard to ignore that little message that appears in an email inbox reporting that a new comment has been published on a blog post you already commented on. Therefore, that little email might be all the encouragement a prior visitor needs to return to your blog and re-join the conversation by reading what others have to say and leaving another comment of his own.


The Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin certainly can't hurt your blog, but it does have the potential to help your blog. It only takes a minute to add it to your self-hosted WordPress account and activate it. In other words, it's definitely worth giving a try!
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