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Review of the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

Increase Page Views with this WordPress Plugin

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An easy way to increase page views (and future visits) on your blog is to offer an easy way for visitors to find more posts that interest them. Common sense tells us if a visitor likes a post that they discover on your blog, they'll want to read more from you. Fortunately, the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) can insert related links at the end of your blog posts automatically.

What Does the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Do?

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) automatically reviews the content of your blog posts and based on that content, inserts a list of links to related posts on your blog at the end of each entry. The list of links is contextually unique to each blog post. Visitors who read your posts and enjoy them, are likely to take a look at the list of links clearly labeled as "Related Posts" at the end of that entry. If they find links with titles that pique their interest, they're likely to click on them thereby increasing your blog's page views.

What Makes the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Good?

With the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, you can configure the threshold for the plugin algorithm to find and rate matched content. You can also configure whether pages are included in the lists of related links or just posts are included, and you can determine which categories and tags are included or excluded in the results lists. Also, you can include related post links in your blog's feed and customize the display options that subscribers see.


If you're looking for a related posts plugin that has a well-built search and rating algorithm as well as a variety of customization options, than the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is an excellent choice. One common complaint is that the plugin cannot pull images to publish along with the related posts links, but if that missing element isn't important to you, then YARPP is a great choice.
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