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Review of WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

Add a Maintenance Page to Your Blog with this WordPress Plugin

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WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin
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If you've ever had to redesign or make significant edits to your WordPress blog, then you know that it often takes longer than you expect to get everything done. What happens when your blog edits aren't done, but you need to step away from the task? You don't want visitors to see a partially done blog! Fortunately, the WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin comes to the rescue!

What Does the WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin Do?

The WP Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin adds a maintenance page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog (or WordPress site) is down for maintenance. Users who have access in your WordPress dashboard to manage and edit themes can continue to work on the blog behind the scenes and view those edits online when they are logged into your WordPress account. All other users and visitors to your blog only see a maintenance page when they visit any URL for your blog.

What Makes the WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin Great?

First, the WP Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin eases your stress level as you make significant changes to your blog. There are several page designs you can choose from for your maintenance mode page, and you can modify the message, countdown clock, and more on the page to suit your blog. Furthermore, you can exclude specific URLs from maintenance mode, so visitors can still see those pages on your blog while the rest are hidden during maintenance. You can turn the maintenance page on or off simply by activating or deactivating the plugin once it is installed and customization of messaging is easy through the plugin options function.


Unless you're a blog designer or developer who can create a test site and then migrate revised files to your live blog quickly so the user experience on your blog isn't impacted greatly, making major changes to your blog that take longer than a couple of hours can have a significant impact on the appearance of your live blog and the impressions people get when they visit during that time. The WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin allows you to take your time editing your blog so visitors don't see the results until you're ready to launch them. A friendly maintenance page that lets visitors know your blog is down temporarily for maintenance ensures that they know your blog will only be missing for a short amount of time. It's an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that does exactly what it says it will, and it does it well.
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