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WP About Author WordPress Plugin Review

Easy and Free WordPress Plugin to Add Author Bios to Blog Posts

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Search the WordPress plugins directory, and you'll find a lot of free WordPress plugins that enable you to add an author bio to the end of each post on your blog. This is a fantastic feature for blogs with multiple contributors. By highlighting the author's credentials at the bottom of each blog post, readers gain a sense of your blog's overall content quality and authority and your writers get an opportunity to promote themselves. It's a win-win-win situation for you, your writers, and your readers.

The WP About Author WordPress plugin is one of the best options for adding a great-looking author bio box at the end of every post on your blog. You can see the plugin in action on Women on Business. Following are the pros and cons of this plugin to help you decide if you want to test it on your blog.

What Does the WP About Author WordPress Plugin Do?

The WP About Author WordPress plugin enables you to add an author bio box that pulls information directly from each WordPress user profile and includes it in a special widget at the end of each post on your blog. Once an author's user profile is created in the WordPress dashboard, any information entered into it (e.g., the author bio, social media profile links, and website URL) will automatically be published along with the user's Gravatar image in the author box. A link to the author's previously published posts is also included.

WP About Author Plugin Pros

One of the best parts of the WP About Author WordPress plugin (aside from being free) is how easy it is to install, activate, and configure it. Even de-activating it is quick and easy. Just install the plugin through your WordPress dashboard and click the Activate link to get started. A new WP About Author configuration option appears in the Settings section of your WordPress dashboard left-menu. Click the link and you can identify the color and other visual design elements of your author box, which posts and pages it should appear on, whether to include social media links or icons, and more.

Once activated, the WP About Author Plugin automatically adds fields to the user profile within the WordPress dashboard for each of the compliant social media icons that can appear in the author box. For example, the default WordPress user profile includes fields for a website URL, a Twitter profile, and a few other social profiles and URLs. The WP About Author Plugin adds fields for a user's Facebook profile, Google+ profile, YouTube channel, and more. Each author (or the blog administrator) can enter his or her bio and social media profile data into his user profile within the WordPress dashboard. That's all there is to it.

WP About Author Plugin Cons

The WP About Author WordPress plugin is one of the easiest to use author bio box plugins right out of the box. However, it does have some limitations that make it less flexible than you might like for your blog. For example, it's difficult to change the position of the author bio box if you're not comfortable with making changes to code, and the same problem exists with changing the position and order of elements within the author bio box. Similarly, it's not easy to remove the author bio box from specific posts, pages, or author's content. For example, you might not want the author bio box to appear with content authored by your blog's admin account. Currently, there is not an easy way to remove the author bio box from a single author's posts.


Overall, this is a great free WordPress plugin that enables you to quickly and easily add author bios to the end of all of the posts on your blog. The simple design tweaks available through the admin interface enable you to match the look of the author bio box to your blog design, and you can easily add social media links or icons to each author's bio. For it's ease of use and design flexibility, this plugin is definitely worth trying.

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