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InboundWriter SEO and Content Optimization Tool Review

Optimize Your Content to Increase Search Traffic to Your Blog with InboundWriter

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Are you getting the most search traffic to your blog that you can? InboundWriter is a tool that can help you increase search traffic without learning all of the details of search engine optimization by pointing out tweaks you can make to your content that will make it easier for people to find via search engines. In other words, InboundWriter increases the efficiency with which any blogger can create content that will boost search traffic without breaking search engine optimization rules.

What Does InboundWriter Do?

InboundWriter helps you optimize your content to increase search traffic to it by suggesting tweaks that you can make to your content to make it more search engine friendly. This is done through a handy web-based editor tool. Just copy and paste your blog post content into the editor, identify focus keywords, and you'll get a score between 0-100 that tells you how well optimized your content is. You can also enter competitive web pages, so your content is scored against those, too.

Simply make changes to your content based on the suggestions from the InboundWriter tool, and your content score will go up. Once your score goes over 80, it will be in the "green zone," which means it's well-optimized to get the most search traffic possible.

The Positives of Using InboundWriter for Content Optimization

InboundWriter is easy to use and is very useful for people who don't know a lot about search engine optimization or just want a tool that can help streamline content optimization tasks. The tool uses a great keyword suggestion technology that is updated on a daily basis. Therefore, when you analyze a blog post using InboundWriter and see the list of Relevant Terms provided to you, that list could be completely different tomorrow as content, conversations, and searches evolve from one day to the next.

Another great feature is the WordPress for self-hosted WordPress.org bloggers. When you install the InboundWriter plugin on your WordPress blog, you don't have to copy and paste your blog post text into the separate web-based InboundWriter editor tool. Instead, you can do everything directly through your WordPress dashboard. It's a great time saver!

The Negatives of Using InboundWriter for Content Optimization

Unfortunately, the free version of InboundWriter only allows you to optimize four documents per month, and a professional plan only lets you optimize 15 documents per month for just under $50 per month. That's a lot of money for the average blogger, so this tool is for power bloggers with specific goals to increase traffic and a budget to pay for tools to help them do it.

Furthermore, InboundWriter doesn't incorporate extensive features related to how social media affects content performance, suggested internal and external links which can boost overall site search results, or features beyond on-page, single post scoring. The tool is still fairly new, so it can be assumed that additional features will be added in the future, but power users might find more value in a tool like Scribe, which is a more robust content marketing software with a higher price tag).


InboundWriter is a great tool for bloggers that want to make sure they get as much search traffic to their content as possible but are not search engine optimization experts. Rather than learning every search engine optimization trick, InboundWriter does the heavy lifting. The blogger simply offers some focus keywords and competitive sites, and InboundWriter takes care of the rest.

As long as you understand that there is more to blogging success than attracting search traffic through search engine optimization and content optimization, using InboundWriter should be helpful to you. However, if you let optimization supersede the quality of your content, your blog will suffer in the long term.

If optimizing your content for search engines is important to you and you're not a search engine optimization guru, then give the free version of InboundWriter a test drive. You won't know if it's the right tool for you until you try it.

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