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Secrets to Writing Blog Post Titles That People Click

Learn the Headline Writing Tips the Pros Use


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Want to get more traffic to your blog? If so, you need to learn how to write blog post titles that interest people and motivate them to click and read. One thing is guaranteed in blogging: if your blog post titles stink, few people will read your blog. Without readers, a blog's audience has no chance of growing, and you won't reach your blogging goals.

Think about how many people are exposed to your blog content each day through a feed reader, a Twitter post, a Facebook update, a LinkedIn post, or a shared link on a social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon. Now, think about how many more people find your blog posts through Google searches or keyword searches using their preferred search engines. There are so many ways for people to find your blog, and most of those ways highlight your blog post titles, not the content.

In other words, most people are exposed to your blog post titles and nothing else. Your post titles must be compelling or no one will click through to visit your blog and read your content. That means if your blog post titles aren't compelling, you're losing potential traffic, and if you want your blog to grow, you don't want to lose that incoming traffic!

Your blog post titles are the gateway to your content. If the entry way isn't interesting, visitors won't bother. Therefore, it's essential that you deliver on the promises made in your blog post titles. That's just one of the top three steps to write blog post titles, which you should review before you start writing. Once you understand the fundamental steps of writing headlines, you can use one of the examples that follow to craft a compelling title for each of your blog posts.

Quantifiable Titles

There are many ways to turn a post that includes a list into a compelling blog post title. Here are some examples:

  • 5 Steps to Write Killer Blog Post Titles
  • 10 Tips to Write Amazing Blog Post Titles
  • 20 Examples of Blog Post Titles that Work
  • 3 Blog Post Title Tricks Every Blogger Should Know

Insider Information Titles

Blog post titles can make big promises as the following examples demonstrate (just make sure you live up to those promises in your content):

  • The Secret to Irresistible Blog Post Titles
  • Secrets of Writing Blog Posts that the Pros Don't Want You to Know
  • Ultimate Guide to Writing Amazing Blog Post Titles
  • 20 Free Blogging Tools I Can't Live Without and Neither Should You

Warning Titles

Blog post titles that warn of impending doom can be very effective. Some examples follow:

  • Fatal Blog Post Title Mistakes You Should Never Make
  • Warning: Make These Blogging Mistakes at Your Own Risk
  • How to Destroy Your Blog with Bad Blog Post Titles
  • Blog Writing Rules You Should Never Break

Words of Wisdom Titles

  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Headlines When I Started Blogging
  • 3 Lessons Seasoned Bloggers Can Teach You about Post Titles
  • How the Pros Fix Boring Blog Post Titles

Keep in mind, many writers create titles after they've written the content. That way, they're not confined by the headline. If this approach works best for you, then by all means, use it. Creating content to fit a headline can lead to a weaker blog post than you'd end up with if you wrote from your heart and mind without any restrictions. Consider your audience and create relevant content with appropriate yet compelling titles, and more people will click on those titles when they stumble on them across the web.

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