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5 Blog Posts that Can Drive Massive Traffic

Increase Traffic to Your Blog with These Popular Blog Posts


There are many ways to increase traffic to your blog, but did you know there are some popular blog posts that don't take long to write but can drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog? Of course, none of these blog posts are guaranteed to increase traffic, but with a bit of effort on your part to promote your blog posts, you just might get a big bump in traffic! Following are five popular blog posts that have the potential to drive massive traffic to your blog.

1. Write about a Celebrity

Take a minute to look at the trending topics on Yahoo!, Google, or Twitter each day, and you'll find a pattern. People like to read about celebrities and the entertainment industry. Even sports celebrities are frequently searched for online. If you can find a way to write blog posts about popular celebrities, movies, music, and so on, do it. If fan sites and Twitter users stumble on your post and share it with their own audiences, the amount of traffic to your blog could be significant.

2. Write about Breaking News

If you can be one of the first bloggers to write about breaking news, you could get a lot of traffic to your blog as larger websites and blogs look for sources to get details for their own stories. Typically, those other sites will link to their sources, and if you're one of the first bloggers to write about breaking news or provide a great story about what's happening, you could get linked to by popular websites. That means more traffic and high quality incoming links to your blog!

3. Take a Stand on a Controversial Issue

Controversy gets noticed, but before you jump in and write a post about a controversial topic, make sure the topic is right for your blog. Also, make sure the post is right for your blog's long-term goals. You don't want to upset your audience by stirring up controversy. It's a decision that only you can make. The key to get a lot of traffic from writing a blog post about a controversial issue is to take a strong stand. If you simply regurgitate information, you won't get noticed, but if you defend one side of an argument, you'll surely get people who agree with you and people who don't agree with you to take notice.

4. Write about the Holidays and Current Events

The time of year can offer great opportunities to write blog posts that can drive massive traffic. For example, in December write blog posts about holiday shopping, Christmas, New Year's, and so on. Get creative and think about ways to tie in popular sporting events like the World Series and the Super Bowl to your blog posts. Even award shows like the Oscars and Grammy's can draw attention and traffic to your blog. Just make sure you think of a relevant way to tie holiday and current event content to your blog's topic. Think of it this way, there is a reason why magazines create editorial calendars and publish content to match seasons, current events, and so on. It's because people are already interested in those topics at specific times of the year. Tap into that pre-existing interest by blogging about it!

5. Hot Types of Content

What is the hottest type of content that people are quick to retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, and write about on their own blogs. For example, infographics have been incredibly hot. If you publish a great infographic in a blog post and promote it a little bit, you're likely to get a lot of traffic to it. People love to view and share infographics, so jump on the bandwagon of the hot type of content and publish it in a blog post on your blog.
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