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5 Tricks to Make Your Blog Posts Look Better Than Everyone Else's

Easy Ways to Get More Readers by Making Your Blog Posts Look Great


No one wants to read a blog that is so full of text it seems more overwhelming than a copy of War and Peace.  The best blogs not only include amazing content, but they also look good.  They invite visitors in to read more because they're visually appealing.  Fortunately, there are easy tricks you can use to make your blog posts look great and pique visitors' interests in your content. 

1. Images

Adding images to your blog posts breaks up text heavy pages and provides visual relief.  Images don't have to include just photos.  You can use screenshots, diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations, and more.  Just be sure to use images that are copyrighted in a way that allows you to legally publish them on your blog. Check out these 5 sites for free images

2. Video

Video adds visual and audio interest to text-heavy web pages such as blog posts.  There are many sites that allow bloggers to embed video content directly into their blog posts, such as YouTube.

3. Headings

If your blogging application offers pre-formatted headings that you can apply to specific text in your blog posts to make it stand out from the standard post content font, use them.  Headings can break up text to create a more scannable blog post, call attention to important parts of your posts, and help search engine optimization efforts, too!

4. Lists

Most blogging applications offer easy tools to create bulleted and numbered lists within your blog posts -- use them!  Lists add white space to your posts which provides visual relief to text heavy pages.

5. Color

You don't have to be an expert at HTML to change the color of text within your blog posts, and doing so can help the visual appeal of your blog posts significantly.  Just don't go overboard and use too much color.  Instead, save color for hyperlinks, headings, or particularly important text.  You can learn the basic HTML code for changing text color in this HTML overview for bloggers.

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