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Blogging: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Ways to Speed up Blog Page Load Speed and...
Learn 10 easy tricks to speed up your blog page load speed to increase search traffic without hiring a web developer to help you.
Should I Follow Everyone Who Follows Me on...
Learn what the etiquette is about reciprocal following on Twitter.
15 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Blog's Traffic
Learn how to drive traffic to your blog with these simple blogging tips even the beginner blogger can use.
Blog Trackbacks: How to Use Them to Increase...
Learn what a blog trackback is and how it can help you market your blog and increase traffic to your blog.
Top 10 Twitter Etiquette Tips
10 Twitter etiquette tips you should follow so you don't annoy your followers
How to Add a Forum to Your Blog or Website
Learn about free and paid tools you can use to create a forum and add a community to your blog or website.
4 Easy Steps to Creating a Free Blog
Follow these four steps to create a blog and you'll be blogging within minutes - for free!
6 of the Best Websites to Find Free Photos for...
List of the top websites that offer free photos to use on your blog.
Tips for Writing a Blog That People Will...
Anyone can start a blog, but how do you write a blog that people actually want to read? Find out in this article from About.com (a New York Times Company).
Top 10 Tips Beginners Need to Successfully...
Top ten tips for beginner bloggers to learn the most important things to keep in mind when they start blogging from blog writing and blog design to blog marketing and blog monetization.
How to Become a Paid Blogger
Learn everything you need to know to find a blogging job, get hired, and become a paid blogger.
How do I edit a tweet in Twitter once it's...
Learn about editing tweets in Twitter.
20 Ideas for What to Write About in Your Next...
20 topic ideas for writing a blog post when you can't think of what to write about.
What is a URL Shortener?
Learn what a URL shortener is, why you need one, and how it impacts your use of Twitter.
How Do I Make Short URLs on Twitter?
Learn how to make short URLs for use in Twitter tweets.
What is a Blog?
Beginner bloggers can learn everything they need to know to start a blog with this introduction to blogging.
Top 10 Reasons to Start a Blog
Ten reasons why you should start a blog. You can blog for fun or blog for business, but whatever the reason is that your blogging, learn the top reasons most people become bloggers from this list.
Before You Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog
Before you settle on a domain name for your blog or website, consider these factors and tips.
5 Tricks to Increase Google Page Rank for Your...
Learn the most effective way to increase Google page rank for your blog or website.
Top 3 Blogging Rules
Follow the these blogging rules to protect yourself from lawsuits and negative publicity.
5 Tips to Get More Twitter Retweets
Learn how to write Twitter updates that get retweeted.
Submit to Search Engines to Boost Blog Traffic
Want to increase traffic to your blog? Get the ball rolling by submitting your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Technorati.
Blog Posting Frequency Overview
Learn the requirements of blog posting frequency and how often you should publish new content on your blog to attract and retain readers.
How to Shorten URLs for Free
Top websites to shorten URL links for free to ensure links stay in tact and save space in Twitter and microblogging sites.
How to Make Money Online with a Blog
Learn everything you need to know to make money online with a blog.
11 Factors to Consider to Choose a Wordpress...
How to choose a Wordpress theme or blogger template to give your blog a custom look? Check out these 10 factors to consider before you choose your blog design.
The Secrets of Blog Post Length
Learn the truth about how long your blog posts should be.
5 Tips to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money...
Follow these five tips to boost your blog's income.
How to Make a WordPress Blog Private
Learn how to make a WordPress blog or specific WordPress blog posts private with password protection.
Tutorial - How to Embed a YouTube Video in a...
Learn how to embed a YouTube video in a Wordpress post in 5 easy steps.
Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips
Ten tips to help you optimize your blog so search engines will find it and drive more traffic to it.
5 Tricks to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts
Learn how to boost blog traffic with search engine optimization by writing blog posts using keywords.
5 Tips to Write Blog Posts
Follow these five tips to write posts that get noticed and keep readers interested.
How to Get Free Products to Review on Your Blog
Learn how to successfully get businesses to give you free products to review on your blog.
15 Ways to Promote a Blog Post Immediately...
Learn 15 things you can do after you publish a blog post to increase traffic to your blog.
Blog Advertising Overview
Learn the ways bloggers can use advertising to generate income from their blogs.
How To 5 Easy Steps to Add Your Blog to Your...
Follow these steps to add your blog feed to your Facebook profile.
How Much Should Businesses Pay Bloggers?
Learn how much businesses should pay bloggers to write their business blogs.
Legal Issues Bloggers Must Understand
Learn the legal issues bloggers must know about and understand to stay out of trouble with the law.
How Much Should You Charge for Online...
Learn how to calculate online advertising rates for your blog.
How to Land a Job as a Paid Blogger
Follow these job search steps to land a paid blogging job.
10 Ways to Make Money Blogging
Check out these 10 easy ways to make money from your blogging efforts.
Tax Deductions for Bloggers
Don't overlook these deductions bloggers can take on their tax returns.
How To Start a Google AdSense Account and Make...
Bloggers can learn how to start a new account with Google AdSense to earn money from your blog.
How to Find Twitter Hashtags to Amplify Your...
Learn about websites that make it easy to find Twitter hashtags to include in your tweets to make sure the right people see and share your blog posts to increase traffic to it.
Top 5 Offline Blog Editors
Learn which offline blog editors are best for Windows and Mac users.
Tutorial: How to Start a Free Blog at Blogger.com
Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to start a free blog in Blogger.
What is a Blogroll?
Learn what blogrolls are and how bloggers can use them to increase traffic to their blogs.
Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org - What's the...
Learn the difference between Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com.
5 Blog Pages You Need to Make Money Online
Learn how to make money online with your blog by adding some easy but highly effective blog pages.
Where Can I Find Paid Blogging Jobs?
You want to get paid to write a blog, but you don't know where to find a paid blogging job? Take a look at these resources.
Questions Bloggers Should Ask to Choose the...
Learn six things every blogger should know before choosing a blogging application to start their blogs.
What Are Blog Comments?
Learn what makes blog comments so important to bloggers.
How to Write About Me Page for Your Blog
Learn to write a compelling About Me page for your blog to establish who you are as a blogger and to get readers interested and keep them coming back to your blog for more.
5 Tips to Choosing a Blog Topic
Five tips to help you choose a topic to write about on your blog that will help you achieve long-term success.
Top 5 Blog Statistics Trackers
An overview of the 5 most popular and useful blog stat trackers to measure the performance of your blog.
How to Add a Favicon to a WordPress Blog or...
Learn how to create a favicon and add it the web browser search bar in a WordPress blog or website in 3 easy steps.
Tutorial: How to Start a Free Blog in Wordpress
Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to start a free blog in Wordpress!
How to Create a Blog Home Page
Your home page is an essential part of your blog's success. The home page (also called a landing page) is in essence the welcome page for your blog.
Learn about guest blogging for WeightLossTriumph.com.
The Value of Google AdSense Optimized Wordpress...
Learn how to find Wordpress themes that are optimized for Google AdSense to help you boost your blog earnings.
10 Free Blog Promotion Tips
Learn 10 easy ways to promote your blog and boost your blog traffic with these free blog promotion tips.
How to Make Money from Your Blog (Other Than...
Learn the many ways you can earn money from your blog without using ads.
Making Sense of Blog Traffic Statisitcs
Visits, visitors, hits, page views, what do they mean? An overview of blog statistics and how to use them to track your blog's traffic and earn money from your blog.
10 Link Building Tips to Get Backlinks and...
Learn 10 easy ways to increase traffic with quality link building.
10 Ways to Turn Blog Content into Cash
Learn 10 creative ways to make money from your blog content.
5 Blog Sponsored Review Sites That Pay You to...
Learn about 5 of the most popular websites that pay you to blog through blog sponsored reviews and start making money today!
How Can I Get a Unique URL and Username for My...
Learn how to get a unique username and URL for your Facebook page.
5 Tips to Use Digg to Drive Blog Traffic
How to use Digg effectively to have a better chance at getting your submissions noticed and boosting traffic to your blog.
Can I Block a Twitter Follower?
Learn how to block a follower in Twitter.
Blogging Platform Comparison
Choosing a blogging platform is confusing. Learn what the most common blogging applications are and the differences between them.
Review of Blogger.com
Learn the pros and cons of using Blogger.com as your blogging application.
How Short are URL Shorteners
When short really counts - check out the URL shortener comparison to see how short they really make URLs.
How to Copy and Paste from Word to WordPress
Learn how to copy and paste text from Word to WordPress without problems.
Overview of a Blog Post
Learn the elements of a blog post and how they are used together to create compelling blog content and drive traffic to your blog.
Finding Free Photos from Flickr to Use on Your...
Finding photos and images you can legally use on your blog can be challenging. Learn how you can find photos through Flickr that you can use on your blog legally.
Before You You Start a Blog, Determine if...
Take a look at these factors to consider before you start a blog to determine if blogging is right for you.
Top 4 Keyword Research Tools
Learn about the 4 Web sites that provide great resources for keyword research and long-tail SEO research for free or for a fee.
How to Create a Vlog in 10 Easy Steps
Learn how to create a podcast in 10 very easy steps.
5 WordPress Plugins to Gain Blog Subscribers...
Learn about 5 WordPress plugins that make it easy to increase traffic by attracting more blog subscribers through feed readers and email subscriptions.
7 Wordpress Plugins to Boost Blog Traffic
Use these 7 Wordpress plugins and watch your blog traffic rise!
Commission Junction Affiliate Advertising Review
Learn the pros and cons of the Commission Junction affiliate advertising network to make money from your blog or Web site.
10 Steps to Start a Blog with WordPress.org
Follow these basic steps to start your own blog using WordPress.org
How to Be a Guest Blogger or Find Guest Bloggers
Learn where to look to find guest blogging opportunities or to find guest bloggers to write posts for your blog.
How Much Is My Blog or Website Worth?
Learn how to calculate blog or website worth so you can sell ad space or sell your blog or website at the right price.
Sample Blog Privacy Policy
How to Create a Blog Privacy Policy
5 Wordpress Plugins to Help Bloggers Make Money
Learn about five Wordpress plugins that can help you earn more money from your blog.
How to Create Your Blog Advertising Rate Sheet
Learn what to include in your blog advertising rate sheet to attract more advertisers and make more money from your blog.
5 Elements to Start a Blog Successfully
Learn 5 key factors to start a blog that's positioned for success.
A way to notify a blog that you've linked to them from your blog and automatically leaves a link as a comment on that blog which tracks back to the original link on your blog.
Copyright and Fair Use Considerations
An overview of considerations bloggers should make before using information that could be copyrighted on their blogs.
10 Tricks to Make More Money with Blog...
Learn how to make more money with blog advertising with these simple tricks to boost your success.
Top 10 Blogging Books
Want to learn anything and everything about blogging? Check out these top 10 blogging books to learn about blogs, Wordpress, Tumblr, CSS, HTML, XHTML and more!
10 Types of Twitter Posts
10 ideas for things to tweet about on Twitter
5 Steps to Start a Niche Blog
Follow these 5 steps to create a niche blog and position yourself for success.
What is Affiliate Advertising?
Learn what affiliate advertising programs are and how using affiliate programs can help you earn money from your blog.
Overview of Digg
The pros and cons of using Digg to promote your blog along with some tips to get the most traffic from Digg.
What is Twitter? Twitter Basics
Learn Twitter basics - what is Twitter and why do people and businesses Tweet?
Find a job as a blogger using these website...
You want to get paid to write a blog, but you don't know where to find a job as a paid blogger? Take a look at these resources.
Review of the Amazon Associates Affiliate...
Decide if Amazon's affiliate advertising program, Amazon Associates, will help you earn money from your blog with this review.
How to Start a Popular Blog
Want to turn your blog into one of the most popular blogs online? Take a look at these tips and tricks to help you get there fast!
Blogging Best Practices
Learn the blogging best practices that all bloggers should follow if they want to be successful.
Lessons in RSS
Learn what RSS is and how blog feeds and blog subscriptions can make blogging and reading blogs easier.
How to Write a Blog in 5 Easy Steps
Learn how to write blog content the right way.
A list of links to blogs recommended by the blogger and typically found in the blog's sidebar.
What is a Twitter Tweet Chat?
Learn what a tweet chat is and how to start or join a tweet chat on Twitter.
3 Steps to Write Great Blog Post Titles
Follow these 3 steps and your blog posts will get more attention and more traffic in no time!
The unique address of a page on the internet.
Types of Blog Hosts
Learn what types of blog hosts are available to help you get your blog online, so you can pick the right blog host for you.
50 Topics for Business Blog Posts that People...
Learn how to write a blog post that consumers will actually want to read and increase traffic to your business blog.
15 Popular Blog Sidebar Items
15 items bloggers put in their blog sidebars to increase traffic, reader loyalty, page views and earning potential.
Can I Change My Twitter Username?
Your username is also used in @replies. It's important that you choose a username that you're happy with as it will become your Twitter brand.
What is Guest Blogging?
Learn what guest blogging is and how bloggers use it.
7 Tips to Writing a Blog Post That's Scannable
Writing a blog that's scannable will increase your blog's popularity. Learn 7 tips to create easy-to-read blog posts.
Top Social Bookmarking Sites
Overview of the top social bookmarking sites on the web.
Should You Let Someone Buy a Text Link on Your...
Learn the pros and cons of letting someone pay for a text link on your blog.
10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook
Learn how to increase blog traffic using Facebook.
What is a Twitter Direct Message?
Learn how to send private messages in Twitter with Twitter direct messages.
15 Free Blogging Tools No Blogger Should Live...
Learn about 15 free blogging tools that every blogger should use to make life easier and make their blogs better.
Review of BuySellAds.com for Blog Advertising
Learn how BuySellAds.com can help bloggers sell advertising space and make money on their blogs through blog advertising.
Top 10 Social Networking Sites to Promote Your...
Learn which social networking sites you should focus your efforts on in order to promote your blog and drive traffic to it.
Top 10 Tips for Guest Bloggers
10 must-read tips to be a successful guest blogger.
Essential Requirements to Starting a Successful...
It's possible for anyone to start a succesful blog. Learn how you can become a blogosphere star in this article.
5 Wordpress Plugins to Analyze Blog Visitors
Learn about 5 Wordpress plugins that will help you know who your blog visitors are and what they're doing on your blog.
5 Tools to Add a Job Board to Your Blog or...
Learn about 5 free and paid job board tools that you can use to add a job board to your blog or website and make money.
What Does Follow Mean on Twitter?
What does Follow mean on Twitter? Plain English answer to the Twitter FAQ.
4 Step Tutorial to Find Friends on Twitter and...
Learn how to find friends on Twitter and other people to follow on Twitter.
5 Ways to Curate Content on Your Blog
Learn five easy ways to curate content published by varied sources and turn that content into useful content for your blog.
Twitter Limits Defined
Learn the limitations Twitter users must adhere to.
Best iPad Apps for Blogging
Find links to some of the best ipad apps that make blogging easier, faster, and better.
Should You Pay for WordPress.com Upgrades or...
Learn whether or not you should pay for WordPress.com upgrades.
Overview of Popular Blog Image Ad Types
Learn the terms used to describe different types of blog image ad sizes and placements.
How Much Does Blog Design Cost?
Learn how much designers charge for blog design and what you'll get for your money.
Sample Blog Terms and Conditions Policy
Use this sample Blog Terms and Conditions Policy to create your own terms and conditions of use language for your blog.
How To Increase Your Blog's Earning Potential...
Learn the steps you can take to increase the earning potential of Google AdSense ads on your blog.
Zazzle Review
Review of Zazzle as a way to make money blogging.
10 Blog Contest Giveaway Ideas
Learn 10 ideas for prizes to giveaway in blog contests on your blog that can boost traffic without breaking your budget.
How to Add Google AdSense Between Posts in...
Three step tutorial to add Google AdSense ads between posts using Wordpress.org.
10 Blog Metrics Bloggers Should Track Through...
Learn which statistics you should use to track your blog's performance and ensure blog traffic grows.
Add a PayPal Donation Button to Your Blog
Add a PayPal Donations Button to your blog to begin earning money from your blog.
5 Tips to Choose a Blog Host
Learn the 5 steps to follow to choose the best blog host for you and your blog.
5 Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses from...
Learn 5 free and easy ways to collect email addresses from your business blog that you can use for email marketing to boost sales and profits.
10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Google+
Learn how to increase blog traffic using the free features of Google+.
10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Twitter
Learn 10 simple ways bloggers can use Twitter for blog promotion.
How to Start a Facebook Group to Promote Your...
Learn how to start a Facebook group that you can use to promote your blog.
Free Photo Editing Sites
Learn where you can find free photo editing websites and tools to help you enhance photos and images to use in your blog.
Learn the most common pay models for compensati...
Learn the five most common compensation models used for blogging jobs.
How Bloggers Can Use Pinterest
Learn popular ways that bloggers can use Pinterest.
How to Hire an SEO Expert to Increase Google...
Learn how to find the best seo expert to get more Google search traffic to your blog every day.
How Color Psychology Affects Blog Design
Learn how the meanings of colors affect the way people feel and think about your blog or website.

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