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Help About.com Blogging build a directory of blogs that accept and publish guest blog posts by submitting the names and required URLs of blogs you find that are looking for guest bloggers. Submissions that include the guest post guidelines URL (if instructions are provided) and the URL to submit guest posts (even if it's the same as the guidelines URL) will be reviewed for inclusion in the Directory of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts below.

Open blog for painting and home improvem

Hi, My painting and home improvement blog is currently accepting guest posts about anything related to painting, renovations, residential construction or home improvement. to check it out go to https://www.calgarypropainting.com/blog/index.php or https://www.calgaryhomeinspector/blog/index.php If you are looking for a special guest post full of pics I also accept emailed blog posts at admin@calgarypropainting.com

Guest posters wanted on DIY crafts blog

diyselfies.com is looking for guest posters to write engaging and fun content about the DIY crafts, creative ideas and home improvement niches.

Graphic & Web Design Articles

Looking for article contributions on design, inspiration, tutorials, tips, resources, freelancing, web, seo, etc
—Guest Alex

Seeking tech guest bloggers

I am seeking for guest bloggers to post occassional tech and science related articles on http://techiedup.com
—Guest Charles


thevaluedigger.com is dedicated to value investing. thevaluedigger.com was established in 2009 with the goal of finding hidden uncovered equities that are trading for a discount. We are a group of value investors who love investing and are always looking to improve by sharing information.
—Guest Craig

Guest Blogs for Dental Info

Hi all! I'm in search of guest bloggers for my Dental blog - we are a dental IT company in the Bay Area, CA. We are accepting guest blog entries on anything Dental, except for competing services such as IT or HIPAA consultations. So Dental techniques, education, patient stories, or anything else dental would be perfect subjects! Contact me if you are interested, and pitch your idea! Check out http://dminetworking.com/news-2 for articles that are currently up
—Guest DanDmi

Corporate Training Blog

CoachMarket accepts high quality posts on executive coaching and organizational consulting topics relevant to HR leaders. http://www.coachmarketblog.com/

Looking for Blog Post about the Arts

Guest Blog Posts wanted about music, art, dance, theater or related teaching or therapies at Creative Arts Exchange, a place to buy, sell and share creative arts resources and materials at blog.creativeartsexchange.com http://blog.creativeartsexchange.com/guest-blog-post-submission-form.html
—Guest Amy

Looking for quality guest articles

Looking for quality guest articles for my blogs: http://www.realestatetodayblr.com/ http://www.goodhomehealth.net I would like add articles on real estate, home, health, topics. You can mail me for further proceedings.

Radiant Attraction System

Blog for women about improving relationships by becoming the kind of woman that has a wonderful relationship. Looking for guest posts, love stories, thoughts about relationships, love and self-empowerment.
—Guest Rhiannon

Guest Post in Webception.in

Seeking Guest posts about SEO, SMO, Web Design etc. More details in link http://www.webception.in/p/guest-post.html
—Guest Vishwas Navada

Looking for posts for apartment renters

My new site http://www.rentwhich.com is getting ready to launch and we seek to make renters more savvy. Pitch a guest post if you have any story ideas that would be relevant to apartment renters, particularly in major metro areas. Think moving, choosing good realtors, identifying good buildings/units, warning signs for roommates, etc.

looking to start a blog

I am looking to get thing up and running for my newest creation and have no idea about starting a blog www.milspecmilitia.com
—Guest mullarz

Infertility and PCOS

Ljciak.blogspot.com this blog follows a newly married couple dealing with infertility. It follows my journey with PCOS and the emotional toll that infertility takes. This blog is intended to support people who are struggling to have a baby and make them not feel alone. This blog also includes teaching tips, recipes, and just general life advice. Hope you enjoy it!

Guest Posts on Make Cash Online

I am looking for bloggers to write guest posts on my blog for "make cash online" niche. For more visit: http://www.someusefulinfo.com/guest-posting/
—Guest Ghatozkat
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