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10 Steps to Write a Guest Blog Pitch that Gets Noticed

How to Write a Guest Blog Pitch and Get Your Guest Post Published


How do you write a guest blog pitch message that busy bloggers notice and respond to? If your pitch email stinks, your guest blog post won't get published. Even worse, the blogger you send a poor pitch to, might automatically ignore future emails from you under the assumption that they'll stink, too.

Following are 10 steps you should take to ensure the guest blog post pitches that you send get noticed and help get your post published. Be sure to review the 10 things to avoid in guest blog pitches as well to give yourself the greatest chance at guest blogging success.

1. Comment on Their Blogs, Follow Them on Twitter, and Share Their Content

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Before you send your guest blog pitch, you should do some research and learn about the people behind the blogs you want to pitch. Spend time reading their content and comment on their blog posts. Follow them on Twitter, connect with them on other social media profiles, and share their content with your audience. These are the first steps to getting on their radar screens and building a relationship with them. A blogger is far more likely to notice and respond to your guest post pitch if they recognize you.

2. Reach out and Introduce Yourself

Once you've gotten on the blogger's radar screen by connecting with them on the social web, reach out with a personal message to introduce yourself. Tell them what you like about their blog and their work. If you plan to attend a conference or event where the blogger will be, invite them for a drink or a quick meeting. Your goal is to deepen the relationship beyond recognition to actually understanding who you are and the value you bring to conversations that matter to both the blogger and the blogger's audience.

3. Write a Compelling Subject Line for Your Email Pitch Message

When it's time to send your guest blog post pitch, write a descriptive, interesting, and honest subject line. Never try to trick the blogger into opening your email by promising something in the message contents that you won't deliver.

4. Personalize Your Email Pitch Message

If you've done Steps 1 and 2 above, then you've already gotten on the blogger's radar screen before you sat down to write your email pitch message. You should know the blogger's name and use it in the message greeting as well as in the body of the message.

5. Craft a Strong Opening to Your Email Pitch Message

If your email pitch message doesn't open strong, you'll lose your chance to get the blogger's attention. Write an introduction of just one or two sentences that tells the blogger who you are and explains the most compelling part of your pitch. The more concise and compelling your opening is, the harder it is for your message to be ignored.

6. Include Supporting Details in Your Email Pitch Message

In the next paragraph (or two), provide supporting information that explains your pitch in greater detail than you provided in the opening sentences. This paragraph should include all of the extra information that makes your pitch more difficult to refuse.

7. Add Useful Information in your Email Pitch Message

Once you've made your full pitch, you should include useful information that will make it easier for the blogger to work with you. For example, include useful URLs, images, and any other extras that make it so easy to work with you there is no reason to refuse your pitch.

8. Demonstrate that You Understand How Guest Blogging Works

If you want your guest blog post to be published on quality blogs, then you need to demonstrate quickly and succinctly that you understand how guest blogging works. Briefly mention that the post will not be self-promotional, won't include keyword links for search engine optimization, and won't be published elsewhere online.

Also, make it clear that you understand who the blogger is as well as his or her level of experience in the blogosphere. For example, sending a guest blog post pitch to an established blogger and suggesting that it's in his or her best interest to publish your guest post because you'll link back to his or her blog from your own blog, they'll get free content, and so on is a guaranteed way to send your pitch to the trash. Don't insult the blogger or demonstrate that you know nothing about guest blogging or them, or they'll definitely refuse you.

9. Include Relevant Details about You in Your Email Pitch Message

Don't forget to provide additional information about you and your blog. Include a link to your blog, a link to your bio, your Twitter, Facebook and other social media profile links, and so on. The goal is to give the blogger the opportunity to investigate you and your blog beyond the pitch message to help them make a decision about your guest post.

10. Say Thank You

Remember, you're not doing the blogger any huge favors by sending a guest post pitch. It's far more likely that the blogger is doing you a huge favor by publishing your guest post. Therefore, take the time to include a genuine thank you at the end of your email pitch message. It just might help turn a "no" into a "yes."
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