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How to Find Blogs

Find Blogs with Content You Want to Read


Finding blogs is getting easier every day thanks to the enhanced blog search sites and tools available online. This directory provides a list of sites that you can search to help you find blogs with the type of content you want to read.

Google Blog Search

The Google Blog Search function is an excellent way to find blogs. You search using keywords just as you would for a standard Google search, and you can sort the results by date.


Technorati tracks over 100 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. That means Technorati provides extremely comprehensive blog search results. Users can see which blogs and blog posts are most popular in several categories at a glance and conduct a variety of searches with very current results. While Google's Blog Search might not provide the most current information in the blogosphere, Technorati will.

Ice Rocket

Ice Rocket offers some very unique and helpful features. First, you can enter your keywords then search within blogs, the web, MySpace, news or images. Second, you can view the popularity of your keyword search using the Ice Rocket Blog Trends Tool. This can certainly help with a blogger's marketing and monetization planning.


Bloglines is a blog search engine and a feed reader. It provides features that allow users to search and subscribe to news feeds and blogs. Users can search for posts, feeds or citations.


BlogCatalog is a social blog directory where anyone can search for information from blogs that have been submitted to the catalog.


Alltop was founded by Guy Kawasaki in 2008. It is an aggregator that collects content from a long list of blogs and websites with RSS feeds and provides links to recent content in a single location. People submit blogs and feeds to include in Alltop and select the category the blog should be included in on Alltop. If the blog is approved, the content will be aggregated and displayed in the specified category.



BlogHer is an example of a blog directory where users can find a variety of blogs on specific topics or with something in common. For BlogHer, all of the blogs in the blog directory are written by women.
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