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Tumblr Overview for Bloggers

What Is Tumblr?


Introducing Tumblr:

Tumblr debuted in 2007 as part blogging tool, part microblogging tool, and part social community. Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! in 2013. Until then, Tumblr did not include ads of any kind that would clutter Tumblelogs, but that changed and you can expect to see more and more monetization happening as Yahoo! tries to drive revenue from Tumblr.

Each user has his or her own Tumblelog where they can publish short posts of text, images, quotes, links, video, audio, and chats. You can even reblog a Tumblr post that was published on another user's Tumblelog with the click of the mouse, just as you might retweet content to share it on Twitter. Furthermore, you can like other people's content on Tumblr rather than publish comments as you would on a traditional blog post. Tumblr is extremely easy to use and also works on every mobile operating system.

More Tumblr Features:

You can link your Tumblr account to other social networks you use and you can feed your traditional blog or other RSS feed to your Tumblelog. You can also create static pages such as your own Questions page that people are automatically taken to when they ask you a question. If you want to make your Tumblelog look more lie a traditional website, you can do it by adding pages. You can make your Tumblelog private or just make specific posts private as needed, and you can schedule posts to publish in the future. It's also easy to invite other people to contribute to your Tumblelog.

If you want to track your stats, you can add any analytics tracking code to your Tumblelog. Some users will even burn a feed with Feedburner, create custom themes, and use their own domain names.

Who Is Using Tumblr?:

In January 2014, it was estimated that there were over 160 million Tumblelogs with over 113 million posts published each day. Tumblr is free to use, so everyone from celebrities to business people and politicians to teenagers are using Tumblr. Even companies are using Tumblr to get in front of broader audiences and drive brand and sales growth. The power of Tumblr comes from its active community of users and the inline sharing and communicating that the platform makes it so easy for users to do.

Is Tumblr Right for You?:

Tumblr is perfect for people who don't need a full blog to publish lengthy posts. It's also great for people who prefer to publish quick multimedia posts, particularly from their mobile devices. Tumblr is also a great choice for people who want to join a larger community. If a blog is too much or too big for you, but Twitter is too small or too little for you and Instagram isn't versatile enough for you, then Tumblr might be just right for you.

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