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Introduction to Guest Blogging

How to Use Guest Blogging to Increase Blog Traffic


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Guest blogging is used by bloggers as a way to network with other people within the blogosphere, grow relationships with other blog readers, and increase traffic for their own blogs. There are two primary types of guest blogging:

  • Guest blogging on your own blog: When someone writes a post for you to publish on your own blog. That blogger will typically contact you and ask to provide a guest post to you, or you can contact a blogger you like and request a guest post.

  • Guest blogging on someone else's blog: When you write a guest post to be published on another blogger's blog. Typically, you contact a blogger whose blog you enjoy and ask if you can provide a guest post contribution.

Whichever way you participate in guest posting is effective in terms of growing the audience for your blog.

How Guest Blogging Increases Blog Traffic

When you write for another blog, you're introducing yourself to the entire existing audience for that blog. With that in mind, it's important to submit guest posts to blogs that are established with a steady flow of traffic. On the other hand, when someone writes a guest post to appear on your blog, you can be sure he or she will promote the guest appearance and drive traffic to your blog. You'll have the opportunity to establish a relationship with that blogger and expose new visitors to your blog at the same time.

Bottom Line About Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a win-win situation for both bloggers involved. It helps to grow traffic for both blogs and strengthens blogger relationships. Don't be afraid to ask for guest posts from bloggers whose content you enjoy (and who you think can write a post relevant to your blog's audience) or to ask if you can write guest posts for them.

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