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5 Blog Pages You Need to Make Money Online

Boost Your Blogging Income with These 5 Blog Pages


There are many ways to make money blogging, but did you know that by adding five simple pages to your blog, you could boost your income potential substantially? The blog pages described below don't take long to create and can be very successful if the content on those pages is relevant to your blog audience. Before you proceed, remember that there are laws related to affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, and paid testimonials, so be sure to disclose any monetary relationships you have with advertisers. Be as forthcoming as possible about any money you make through the posts and links published on your blog.

1. Sponsored Pages

Pay Cheque
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Many companies, brands, and organizations provide tools, calculators, job boards, and more that you can add to your blog in exchange for payment. Look for opportunities that pay you a flat publishing fee simply for publishing a tool on one of your blog pages. For tools that are highly relevant to your blog topic, an affiliate relationship where you earn money when visitors click on links within the tools and make purchases can be lucrative. For help review the tips for choosing an affiliate advertising program.

2. Resources Page

A resources page is a perfect place to publish your affiliate links. Many bloggers call these pages "Resource Pages" but others use names like "Stuff We Like" or "Recommended Tools and Services." You can choose any name for your affiliate links page that you want as long as you disclose that the links are affiliate links from which you earn money. As an example, if you're a self-hosted WordPress.org blogger, you might consider becoming an affiliate of your hosting company, your theme designer, your premium plugins developers, and so on. Browse through an affiliate advertising site like E-junkie to find programs you want to join and add your affiliate links to those sites within your new Resources blog page. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger offers a great example of a Resources blog page filled with both his affiliate links and non-affiliate links.

3. Downloads Page

Do you have any ebooks, white papers, or other products available for download for a fee? Why not add them all to a new Downloads blog page? You could even add downloads from other companies, people, and organizations to the page from which you receive a direct fee or earn money through an affiliate relationship. Darren Rowse of Problogger offers a great example of a monetized Downloads blog page filled with his ebooks. Bloggers can even join his affiliate program and promote his ebooks on their own Downloads blog pages.

4. Affiliate Pages

Some brands, companies, and organizations offer embeddable content that you can use to create a new blog page that generates revenue. For example, there are many companies that offer job boards through affiliate programs, which you could add to a new page on your blog. Similarly, you could create your own Amazon bookstore and create a new page for that bookstore on your blog. The bookstore is connected to your Amazon Associates affiliate ID, so you make money on all purchases made through the bookstore. Here are examples of a job board blog page and an Amazon Bookstore blog page.

5. Advertising Sales Page

Don't just publish your advertising rate sheet and wait for inquiries to start rolling in. Instead, make it easy for advertisers to purchase ad space on your blog with a click of the mouse. WordPress bloggers can use tools and plugins to sell ad space and make money. Advertising networks like BuySellAds.com offer widgets that you can embed on an advertising page on your blog to make purchasing ad space quick and easy. See a BuySellAds widget on a blog page here.
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