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Understanding Technorati Terminology

Making Sense of Technorati Terms for Bloggers


Technorati terminology can be difficult to understand, but Technorati can be a great way to drive blog traffic and build an audience. With that in mind, this article sheds light on some of the most common Technorati terms.

Blog Claim

Claiming your blog on technorati simply means you identify yourself as the author or owner of that blog and associate it with your Technorati account. By claiming your blog, you can add a description and keyword tags to your blog's listing on Technorati, making it easier for people to find it through Technorati searches. Claiming your blog also allows you to have your blog added to the Technorati Blog Directory and Blog Search function using the tags you define during the claim process, and claiming your blog allows you to publish Technorati widgets on your blog. Technorati also states that claiming your blog bumps it higher up in the queue for indexing when your ping is received, and it allows you to be featured on channel pages.


Tags are keywords associated with your blog, blog posts, videos, images, and so on. In simplest terms, tags describe your content. People who search for content of interest use keywords to find that content. When you tag your blog during the claim process described above, those tag words will be used to deliver relevant results to users conducting keyword searches. Most blogging software applications include post tags as well where bloggers can tag individual blog posts with tags. Technorati receives and indexes those tags to deliver relevant results to users conducting keyword searches.

Blog Reactions

Blog reactions on Technorati are the number of links to any page on a blog from other blogs in the Technorati index. Recent blog reactions are listed on the main page of your blog's Technorati profile.


Technorati Authority is the number of unique blogs within the Technorati index that link to your blog over the past six months. Each blog is counted once, so even if a blog links to your blog multiple times within the past six months, that blog will only count once for the Technorati Authority calculation. Blogs with the most authority (and deemed most popular or credible) have the highest authority numbers.


Technorati Rank is calculated based on your Technorati Authority. Blogs with higher Technorati Authority will have a lower Technorati Rank. In other words, the blog with the highest Technorati Authority will have a Technorati Rank of 1. All other blogs are ranked in descending order depending on their Technorati Authority.


In order to make it easy for you to find and keep up with the blogs you really enjoy that are indexed on Technorati, you can add those blogs to your Technorati Favorites. To add a blog on Technorati to your favorites, simply visit that blog's profile page on Technorati and select the heart icon beneath the blog's screenshot thumbnail picture. You can also tag your favorites, add them to your own blog, and share them using your Technorati Favorites unqiue URL.
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