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Monitor Keywords on Twitter with TweetBeep Twitter Alerts

Overview of TweetBeep

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TweetBeep is an easy to use Twitter app that allows you to be notified by email when the keywords you select are mentioned on Twitter. It works similarly to how Google Alerts works for tracking Web mentions of chosen keywords.

The Positives of TweetBeep

Within minutes, you can set up 10 keyword alerts using TweetBeep for free and receive hourly or daily emails when those keywords are mentioned in tweets, @replies, and URLs providing up to 50 alerts each. TweetBeep offers an excellent way to monitor Twitter conversations related to you, your business, your brand, and so on. Online reputation management is very important, and TweetBeep is just one more tool you can use to manage yours.

The Negatives of TweetBeep

The free version of TweetBeep can be limiting to some people. In order to be able to set up more than 10 keyword alerts, to receive more frequent email alerts, and for emails to including more than 50 alerts each, you need to open a paid account with fees ranging from $3-$20 per month. Also, TweetBeep is not perfect. As with most online alert tools, like Google Alerts, some keyword mentions will be missed.

The Bottom-line for TweetBeep

If you're willing to accept the fact that TweetBeep won't catch all mentions of your keywords, then it is a great way to generally keep track of your keywords and brand reputation via Twitter. Keep in mind, no online alert tool is perfect. If the free TweetBeep options are adequate for you, then TweetBeep is an excellent tool to test. Even with its imperfections and potential price tag, using TweetBeep is certainly better than not tracking your online reputation at all!
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