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Formidable Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Quickly Create Great Looking Forms on Your WordPress Blog or Website

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There are many free WordPress plugins that enable you to create forms and publish them on your blog as well as some well-known premium forms plugins that come with price tags. While some of those forms plugins are better known than Formidable Pro, that doesn't mean they're better. If you need to create feature-rich, great-looking forms on your WordPress blog or website, Formidable Pro can do it without breaking the bank.

What does the Formidable Pro WordPress plugin do?

The Formidable Pro WordPress plugin enables you to create a wide variety of forms using a drag-and-drop tool within your WordPress dashboard, publish them on your blog, accept submissions from anyone, and even publish submissions as blog posts, classified ads, calendar entries, and more. You can see a form created with Formidable Pro here.

What is great about the Formidable Pro WordPress plugin?

Formidable Pro offers a long list of fields and custom fields that you can insert into your form to capture the information you need. There are also a number of add-ons that you can use to add extra functionality to your blog forms. For example, you can use the PayPal add-on to sell products or services and turn your forms into order forms.

You can also export data submitted to your blog through any Formidable Pro form, view graphical reports for each field in your forms and daily submissions, create calendar entries, create classified ad listings, and more. The form fields are versatile and offer easy-to-use conditional logic and configuration.

One of the best parts of Formidable Pro is the ability to change the design of your forms to match your blog design. For example, you can modify the colors used in your forms, borders, radio buttons, check boxes, and more. Forms can be embedded within posts or as widgets anywhere else on your blog so they work perfectly with your WordPress theme.

Another unique feature makes it easy for your community members to publish content to your blog. Logged-in users can submit forms and edit their submissions from the front-end of your blog rather than logging into your WordPress dashboard. For example, if you want to create an online community and allow logged in members to submit blog posts to be published on your blog, you can do it with a Formidable Pro form.

What is weak about the Formidable Pro WordPress plugin?

Formidable Pro is a premium WordPress plugin, so it does come with a price tag, although that price tag is lower than similar premium WordPress form plugins like Gravity Forms. Also, like Gravity Forms, priority support is only available to users who purchase unlimited licenses, but Formidable Pro currently has a better reputation than Gravity Forms for support. Currently, Gravity Forms offers more third-party add-ons, but both companies are always adding more features and add-ons.


Overall, Formidable Pro is an excellent WordPress plugin choice for creating forms on your blog, managing submissions, and tracking performance. If you want an affordable tool that offers more than free WordPress form plugins provide and enables you to design great looking forms that match your blog design, then Formidable Pro is one of the best choices available to you. There is a free version of Formidable Pro, which gives you access to a limited number of form fields and features, but it's a great option if you need simple forms or just want to give Formidable Pro a test drive before you purchase a license.

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