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12-Step Tutorial to Migrate a WordPress Site to a New Host


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Time to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Host
12-Step WordPress Migration Tutorial

Using WordPress.org as your blogging application and hosting your site through a third-party web host has many advantages over using the WordPress-hosted application at WordPress.com. However, there are WordPress maintenance activities that you need to do to ensure your self-hosted blog always runs smoothly. There are times when your web host will need to be replaced, and there are many popular web hosts to choose from. Unfortunately, migrating your WordPress blog from one host to another can be very confusing. You certainly don't want to mess up your site!

Akshat Choudhary, Founder of blogVault, a WordPress backup service, created this WordPress host migration tutorial for the About.com Blogging audience. Following are his detailed step-by-step instructions that you can follow to seamlessly move your WordPress site to a new host.

Before you jump into moving your WordPress site to a new host, keep an eye on how well the server which is hosting your website is working, and review the tips to choose a new web host. There are several reasons why you may want to switch to a new web host:

  • The server host is too slow
  • The service is erratic with too much downtime
  • The host has been attacked by a virus
  • You have found a new hosting service that offers a better deal

Migrating to a new host is not as simple as copying and pasting. At the same time, it isn’t very difficult. All you need to do is follow a set of simple steps.

First, you need to understand that your WordPress website consists of two main parts: files and a database. You need to copy both from your existing host, and then you need to upload both to the new host.

Keep in mind that while the interface shown in the screenshots throughout this tutorial may differ from host to host, the procedure remains the same.

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